Core Infrastructures


Core Infrastructures are the infrastructures belonging to the R&D institutions and necessary for carrying out the research themes, which were established in the public interest and which can also be used by other persons pursuant to the conditions and procedure established by the research and development institution. Core Infrastructures bring a high level of scientific equipment or technology and highly skilled manpower. Their main task is to serve research community and entrepreneurship through providing expertise and analytical possibilities in different areas. Currently there are eight Core Infrastructures. They are also part of the Estonian Research Infrastructures Roadmap.

Center of Estonian Language Resources (CELR)

Estonian Center for Genomics (ECG)

Estonian e-Repository and Conservation of Collections (e-varamu)

Estonian Environmental Observatory (KKobs)

Estonian Scientific Computing Infrastructure (ETAIS)

Nanomaterials – Research and Applications (NAMUR)

National Centre for Translational and Clinical Research (SIME)

Natural History Archives and Information Network (NATARC)


Research infrastructures in other Baltic countries

In 2012 the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia, the Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuania and the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Closer Co-operation in Higher Education, Research and Innovation. The aim of the Memorandum is to develop coordinated research and development policy and foster innovation in the Baltic republics. In 2013, in order to carry out the Memorandum, the parties established inter-ministerial working groups.

In 2014 Baltic research infrastructure expert group has completed its tasks and decided to publish the results of Baltic research infrastructure mapping exercise on their respective internet pages, providing links to the lists of research infrastructures of two other parties. The aim of this mapping exercise was to identify the state of art of the R&D infrastructure in the Baltic States. The creation of these lists is a pilot project, which provides necessary background for the future collaboration of Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian researchers and policy makers. The list is open for the public; the content is being regularly updated.

List of research infrastructures in Latvia

List of research infrastructures in Lithuania