Documents and results

2020 (5. call for applications)

Postdoctoral researcher Name of the project Grant amount (€)
Estonian University of Life Sciences
Merko Vaga Genetic, physiological and environmental factors affecting twinning in dairy cattle and effects on health and performance of dams and twin calves. 107 500
Vinícius Fernandes de Souza Comparison of Temperate and Tropical Rainforest Tree Species: Isoprene emission rates under high temperature and CO2 113 500
Fiaz Ahmad Microalgae co-processing with municipal solid waste in a zero-waste microalgal biorefinery 113 500
Tallinn University of Technology
Lukáš Ustrnul Development of innovative sensing for bioactive chiral compounds via supramolecular recognition based on hemicucurbituril-porphyrin system. 108 000
Sirle Salmistu Factors Influencing the Implementation of Age-Friendly Communities in Estonia. Applications in Urban Planning and Public Administration. 102 000
Mustafa Arda Development of numerical methods for analysis of advanced composite and nanostructures 59 250
Peter Robert Walke Investigation and stabilisation of the metallic phase of 2D-transition metal dichalcogenides for energy storage applications 108 000
Tallinn University
Kerli Kirch Schneider Representations of Femininity in Estonian Pop Music 102 000
Tanya Elena Fernandez Escudero Ideology in Translation. Political Discourse on Migration in the Media 102 000
University of Tartu
Marcus Adrian Roxburgh The shadow in the North; the globalising influence of Roman metal exports on eastern Baltic communities 113 500
Jan-Peter George How dry is too dry? Quantifying the adverse effects of droughts for European forests across the last two decades 102 000
Shishir Sankhyayan Superclusters, Voids and the Giant Radio Galaxy Environments  107 500
Aave Hannus Design and Validation of Attitude Measures for Preschoolers: Measuring Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Attitudes 108 000
Junichi Fujinuma Uniting species and site characteristics to hierarchically model dark diversity: biogeographic and evolutionary drivers on presence and absence of vascular plant species in theoretically suitable habitats. 107 500
Andres Reiljan Fear and loathing across party lines: What fuels affective polarization in European party systems? 107 500
Desalew Meseret Moges The effect of climate and land use/cover change on the flow regime and soil moisture 113 500
Nataliya Krutyak The influence of structural disorder on the performance of novel luminescent inorganic materials 113 500
Kerttu Rozenvalde Sustainability of Estonian as language of higher education in multilingual academic setting: language use and attitudes 102 000
Juulia-Gabrielle Moreau Designing an experimental melt-rock-injection system at high temperatures for studying shock metamorphism in planetary rocks. 113 500
João Luís de Figueiredo Rosa Constraining modified theories of gravity with gravitational wave data and black-hole perturbation theory 107 500
Karin Kustassoo Ways to understanding: (religious) disagreements and the possibility of agreement on the basis of young Heidegger’s phenomenology 107 500
Siqi Lyu Effect of linguistic and musical experience on the processing of language in the brain 108 000
Marzia Beltrami Negotiating Ethics through Fictional Minds and Bodies 107 500
Srinu Akula Developing strategies for atomically dispersed non-precious metals as efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions 113 500
Emanuele Zappala Cohomology of ternary self-distributive structures and invariants of framed links 107 500
Olesya Dulya Distribution of soil biodiversity and functions across land use types in Europe and Estonia 113 500
María José Guzmán Monsalve Hamiltonian formalism and dynamics of symmetric teleparallel gravities 107 500
National Institute for Health Development
Madleen Orumaa Assessment of Pap-smear quality and adherence to clinical guidelines in the follow-up of abnormal findings among cervical cancer patients in Estonia 102 000

2019 (4. call for applications)

Postdoctoral researcher
Supervisor Name of the project
Grant amount
University of Tartu
Francesca Arnavas Marina Grišakova Unnatural’ Fairy Tales: A Cognitive Approach 85 499,92€
Gemma Carreras Badosa Ana Rebane Optimization of cell-penetrating peptide based method to deliver microRNA mimics into dendritic cells and target skin inflammation in vivo 14 166,64€
Ausra Baradoke Indrek Must Gridionics: biomimetic ion-modulated interfaces for soft robotics 90 499,84€
Niloufar Hagh Doust Leho Tedersoo Context dependency of forest soil microbial feedback to climate change along soil fertility gradients in temperate forests of Estonia 90 499,84€
Catherine Helen Gibson Irina Paert Seeing Through Numbers: Counting and Mapping Religious Communities in the Baltic Provinces, 1840-1914 85 499,92€
Somayyeh Kheir Jou Ivo Leito Design and synthesis of macrocyclic molecular receptors for carboxylate anion binding 90 499,84€
Glen Kelp Väino Sammelselg Dielectric metasurfaces for gas sensing 90 499,84€
Kärt Paiste Kalle Kirsimäe High resolution investigation of sulfur isotope variability in co-existing pyrite and organic sulfur: discerning environmental information from organic-rich metasediments 84 999,84€
Sara Paydar Gunnar Nurk Optimization of chemical composition and porosity of novel Ln0.2Sr0.7-xCaxTi0.3Fe0.7O3-δ (Ln = La, Nd) based fuel electrode for reversible solid oxide cell 90 499,84€
Helena Sork Reet Kurg The discovery of novel biomarkers for non-invasive diagnostics of melanoma 84 999,84€
Jorge Gigante Valcarcel Laur Järv New insights and prospects for observing the dynamical effects of a space-time torsion in strongly magnetized neutron stars and black holes 85 499,92€
Ji-Zhong Wan Meelis Pärtel Time-delayed effects of forest availability on observed and dark diversity of tree species: comparison across different temporal and spatial scales 85 499,92€
Tallinn University
John Allen Buchanan Karin Dean Strongmen in Southeast Asia: Opium, Coercion and Local State Formation 85 499,92€
Alessandro Rippa Karin Dean Road biographies: Colonialism, insurgency and development along the China-Myanmar borderlands 85 499,92€
Katrin Vanessa Schwanitz Allan Puur Transitions to Adulthood in the Context of the Great Recession in Europe 79 999,92€
Tallinn University of Technology
Mariia Antipchik Vitali Sõritski Biosensor for early diagnostics of Hepatitis C 84 999,84€
Simona Bartkova Ott Scheler Elucidating the heavy metal-induced hetero- and collateral resistance in bacteria to antibiotics at the single-cell genomic, transcriptomic and phenotypic levels 90 499,84€
Henrik Pieper Anna Volkova Optimal dimensioning and annual operation of district cooling systems in cold climates with existing district heating 43 333,29€
National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics (KBFI) 
Sandeep Bhowmik Mario Kadastik Searching Higgs particle and developing trigger algorithm in the CMS detector at LHC, CERN Switzerland 84 999,84€
Alla Khosrovyan Anne Kahru Assessment of hazard of UV weathered microplastics in aquatic environment (UV-PLASTOX) 84 999,84€
Estonian Academy of Arts
Margaret Tali Virve Sarapik Remembering Difficult Knowledge in the Baltic Visual culture 79 999,92€
Dermtest OÜ
Christian  Koop Külli Kingo Teledermatology in practice – evaluating the diagnostic and management accuracy of teledermatology applied in Estonian health system 85 499,92€

2018 (3. call for applications)

Documents of the open call 2018:

Guidelines for grant application 2018
Evaluation guidelines 2018
Example application form 2018


Mobilitas Pluss postdoctoral researchers 2018:

Postdoctoral researcher Supervisor Name of the project Grant amount
Estonian University of Life Sciences
Kristina Noreikienė Anti Vasemägi Habitat-dependent variation in sensory organs and the brain in perch 84 999,84 €
Giacomo Puglielli Lauri Laanisto Global patterns of intraspecific abiotic stress tolerance in woody species 85 499,92 €
Pawel Mirski Ülo Väli The use of wildlife movement data to reveal hotspots of biodiversity in agricultural landscape 90 499,84 €
Tharaka Rama Krishna Chowdary Doddapaneni Timo Kikas Integrated torrefaction/microbial conversion: An approach to produce biofuels and bio-chemicals from lignocellulosic biomasssic biomass 90 499,84 €
National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics (KBFI) 
Alexandros Karam Martti Raidal Dynamically induced Planck, dark matter, neutrino and electroweak mass scales 85 499,92 €
Valeriy Verchenko Raivo Stern Unconventional superconductivity in the Mo_nGa_(5n+1) intermetallics 90 499,84 €
Tallinn University
Philipp Dominik Keidl Indrek Ibrus Transmedia and Historiography: Archives, Metadata, Power 28 833,31 €
Anna Maria Ozimek Ulrike Rohn Investigating working conditions in the Estonian video game industry 62 166,61 €
Tallinn University of Technology
Ishaya Peni Gambo Kuldar Taveter Conflict Resolution in Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering for Socio-Technical Systems
Asya Ivanova Drenkova-Tuhtan Maarja Kruusmaa EMPHASIS (Estimation of Magnetic Particle HydrodynAmic StabIlity through Sensing) 76 333,20 €
University of Tartu
Radwa El Shawi Jaak Vilo Towards Usable Machine Learning for Efficient Predictive Analytics in the Healthcare Domain 90 499,84 €
Alin Olteanu Timo Maran Towards a joint environmental and digital literacy: An ecosemiotic approach to digitalization 85 499,92 €
Toon Staes Marina Grišakova Complex Plots: Narrative Representations of Complexity 85 499,92 €
Ali Ghiami-Shomami Ivo Leito Computational design of novel matrix compounds for MALDI-MS 85 499,92 €
James Stephen Pearson Margit Sutrop Disagreement and the Bounds of Multiculturalism: A Critique of Political Exclusion 85 499,92 €
Kaidi Lõo Pärtel Lippus Morphology in speech 90 499,84 €
Daniel Kaasik Lauri Mälksoo Forest Harvesting in International Law: The Case of Estonia 85 499,92 €
Sebastian Bahamonde Beltran Manuel Hohmann Energy conditions and singularities in the teleparallel equivalent of general relativity 85 499,92 €
Sabina Träger Tsipe Aavik The effect of landscape configuration on the functional connectivity of Primula veris – a landscape genomic approach 84 999,84 €
Triumf Research OÜ
Kadri Haljas Kirsti Akkermann Reducing psychological problems in chronically ill children through digital health intervention 90 499,84 €

2017 (2. call for applications)

Documents of the open call 2017:

Guidelines for grant application 2017

Evaluation guidelines 2017

Example application form 2017


Mobilitas Pluss postdoctoral researchers 2017:

Postdoctoral researcher Supervisor Name of the project Grant amount
Estonian Academy of Arts
Regina-Nino Mion Virve Sarapik Image or Sign: A Phenomenological Study of Pictorial Representation 63 420 €
Estonian University of Life Sciences
Raymond Ward Tiiu Kull Assessment of carbon storage and sequestration rates within the Estonian coastal zone 75 800 €
National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics (KBFI) 
Tommi Tapani Markkanen Martti Raidal Cosmological impacts of the electroweak vacuum instability 69 920 €
Tanmoy Chakrabarty Raivo Stern Novel electronic states of low-dimensional and magnetically frustrated systems 75 800 €
University of Tallinn
Teet Teinemaa Eva Näripea, Indrek Ibrus Post-Soviet Neoliberalism in Contemporary Estonian Cinema 69 920 €
Gustavs Strenga Marek Tamm Economy of symbolic exchange. Gift-giving as a social, cultural and political practice in the late medieval Livonia 69 920 €
Aija Lulle Raivo Vetik Affective migratory nationalism among recent Eastern European migrants in Europe 69 920 €
Tallinn University of Technology
Souhaib Oueslati Maarja Grossberg Optoelectronic studies of Cu2ZnSn(SSe)4 monograin layer solar cells 69 300 €
Rocio Rojas Hernandez Irina Hussainova Development of novel core-shell structured luminescent materials 75 800 €
University of Tartu
Aurele Toussaint Meelis Pärtel Macroecology of functional diversity: comparison of taxonomic groups 69 300 €
Justin Michael Zylstra Bruno Mölder Essence and Metaphysical Disagreement 69 920 €
Eldho Kuppamala Puthenpurayil Thomas Vitaly Skachek Study of Novel Codes for Problems in Distributed Systems 63 420 €
Martin Mölder Vello Andres Pettai Perceptual Spaces of Party Politics: An Inductive Study of European Party Systems 69 920 €
Alexander Kmoch Ülo Mander Enhancing data fusion, parallelisation for hydrological modelling and estimating sensitivity to spatial parameterization of SWAT to model nitrogen and phosphorus runoff at local and global scale 75 800 €
Alison Ruth Kolosova Art Leete Inculturation and indigenous Orthodoxy: The cultural impact of Orthodox missionary work on the Finno-Ugrian peoples of the Volga-Kama region 1870-1920 69 920 €
John Clarke Toomas Tammaru 250 million years of size and shape evolution in fishes: testing the role of biological and environmental factors in generating morphological diversity 69 920 €
Hanna Ilona Eerika Mäkelä Marina Grišakova Imagining the Inner Journey: Conversion and its Discontents in Film Narratives from the 1960’s to the 2010’s 69 920 €
Ashutosh Kumar Pandey Hannes Kollist Ozone sensitive mutants for studying signalling in guard cells 75 800 €
Dhanaji Pandit Bhopate Asko Uri Construction of protein binding-responsive photoluminescent carbon nanoparticles for cell and tissue imaging 41 150 €
Oscar Castro Garcia Timo Maran Biosemiotic approach to enactive minimal cognition 75 800 €

2016 (1. call for applications)

Documents of the open call 2016:

Guidelines for grant application 2016

Evaluation guidelines 2016

Example application form 2016

Mobilitas Pluss postdoctoral researchers 2016:

Postdoctoral researcher Supervisor Name of the project Grant amount

Estonian Literary Museum

1. Saša Babič Piret Voolaid Tradition and Innovation: Short forms of folklore and contemporary cultural dialogues 69 920 €

Estonian University of Life Sciences

2. Fabio Ercoli Tiina Nõges Allochthonous organic matter and invasive species effects on lake food webs under climate change scenarios 75 800 €

National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics (KBFI) 

3. Charlie Stark Tõnis Pehk Femtosecond multi-photon spectroscopy of transition metal complexes 75 800 €
4. Jasper Adamson Aleksander Rebane Large Functional Resorcinarene Macrocycles 69 300 €

University of Tallinn

5. Christian Ritter Indrek Ibrus Embracing virtual travel and gamification: the digital tourism industry in Tallinn 69 920 €
6. Uku Lember Karsten Brüggemann Queer life-world in late Soviet Estonia (1960-80s) 69 920 €

Tallinn University of Technology

7. Yan Liang Olle Hints The emergence of chitinozoans on Baltica: diversification, biostratigraphy and biogeographic links during the Early and Middle Ordovician 75 800 €
8. Sofiya Aydinyan Irina Hussainova Combustion synthesized new materials for the additive manufacturing 75 800 €
9. Serhii Stepenko Dmitri Vinnikov Research, Design and Implementation of Novel Power Quality Enhancement Techniques for Distributed Generation Systems 75 800 €
10. Tara Ghasempouri Jaan Raik Verification assertion mining and qualification methods for improving functional safety in computing systems 69 920 €

University of Tartu

11. Lorena Simon Gracia Tambet Teesalu Polymeric nanoparticles for glioblastoma treatment 69 300 €
12. Sten Hansson Triin Vihalemm (Mis)communicating power: A framework for analysing modern government communication 69 300 €
13. Maili Jakobson Sulev Kõks Identification and characterization of WFS1 interactome: molecular insights into the Wolfram syndrome-associated diabetes and neurodegeneration 75 800 €
14. Silja-Riin Voolma Jüri Allik Reducing Estonian youth alcohol and tobacco consumption through health technology 69 920 €
15. Carlos Perez Carmona Meelis Pärtel Functional completeness of ecological communities: an integrated probabilistic framework linked to ecosystem stability 75 800 €
16. Gemma Carreras-Badosa Ana Rebane Formulation of cell-penetrating peptide-based microRNA nanoparticles to target dendritic cells and inflammation 75 800 €
17. Karin Sigrid Linnea Johansson Hannes Kollist Genetic regulation of plant–atmosphere interactions 75 800 €
18. Kiran Liversage Jonne Kotta Ecosystem shifts during escalating species invasions: an experimental synthesis of Baltic Sea dynamics 75 800 €
19. Anu Hynninen Kalle Kirsimäe Deciphering biotic and abiotic processes in weathering: influence of microbial interactions 75 800 €
20. Kaur Alasoo Leopold Parts Predicting the consequences of rare noncoding genetic variation 75 800€
21. Filip Jaroš Timo Maran Social behavior of animals in a cognitive and environmental context: a biosemiotic perspective 40 852,50€