Frequently asked questions



Where can I find the application form?

You find the application form on your ETIS (Estonian Research Portal, desktop, when logged in. In order to get access to ETIS please contact your host institution.

Can one applicant apply for a  project in different R&D institutions?

Submitting several different project applications is possible, but it is very unlikely that more than one Project gets funded.

What is meant by the short-term performance of a one-off task?

By short-term performance we mean working (incl. under employment contract) not more than a total of 6 months during the past five years prior to the opening of the call.

Can supervising be considered as a short-term performance of a one-off task?

Yes, supervising can be considered as a short-term performace of a one-off task.

Is it possible to start the project before signing the grant agreement?

With the approval of the host institution the project can be started before signing the grant agreement, but the project costs will not be defrayed retroactively.

Are there any restrictions concerning the source of the project’s self-financing?

Self-financing can not come from other European Funds or from funds where it is stated that it should not be used as self-financing.

Salary and work load

What is the required grantee’s work load?

The grantee must carry out his/her research project to the full. Top Researcher’s salary fund for full-time work is up to €80 280 per year.

Could teaching be included as part of the top researcher’s project?

Teaching can be included as a part of the proposal, but the core of the Project should focus on research. It should be indicated how teaching is linked to the project and how the students will be involved in the project. Priority is given to MA and PhD students and especially to the latter as supervising PhD students is compulsory.

How much are the taxes for the grant salary?

Please use the salary and tax calculator


If the personnel costs for one year are 50 000 €:

  • employers taxes are 12 631 €;
  • gross salary is 37 369 €;
  • net salary is 29 251 €.

There is a proportional income tax in Estonia.


Project implementation

Is it mandatory to acknowledge the Mobilitas Pluss support in a publication?

Yes, an acknowledgement of the Mobilitas Pluss funding in a publication is mandatory, unless limited by publishing restrictions, copyright, or intellectual property laws. Only the publications which include an acknowledgement will be taken into account when assessing the final reports.

Examples of correct form of acknowledgment of Mobilitas Pluss funding:

  • Funding was provided by the European Regional Development Fund and the programme Mobilitas Pluss (Grant No).
  • This work was supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the programme Mobilitas Pluss (Grant No).
  • Uurimistööd on finantseerinud Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fond ning Mobilitas Pluss programm (Grant No).


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