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Call for applications 2022


Postdoctor Project Title Host institution
Alka Pareek Development of NiOx Thin Films as Electrode Material for Semi-transparent Solar Cells Tallinn University of Technology
Damianos Iosifidis The physics of metric-affine gravity University of Tartu
Edgars Eihmanis From the European Semester to the Recovery and Resilience Facility: social participation and effects of Country Specific Recommendations University of Tartu
Edijs Vāvers Intracellular interaction between sigma-1 chaperone protein and metabotropic gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors University of Tartu
Eret Talviste Women, Nations, and Affect: The Importance of Leida Kibuvits’ Writing in the Context of Transnational Modernisms University of Tartu
Ioannis Gialamas Testing Cosmology and Particle Physics with Gravitational Waves National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Kristo Nurmis Soviet and Nazi Rule in the Baltic States: A Comparative and Transnational History Tallinn University
Liisi Veski The school for democracy: co-operation, civil society, and intrastate federalism in Estonian intellectual history, 1900–1940 University of Tartu
Mari Valdur Gender Affects: Categories, Capitalism, and Ethnography in Mongolia Tallinn University
Nayana Gaur Postnatal dysregulation of interneuron development in Wolfram Syndrome: A novel symptom and therapeutic target? University of Tartu
Olga Jasnovidova Role of enhancer-derived RNAs in neuronal activity-regulated gene expression Tallinn University of Technology
Sreenath Sukumaran Site Assessment and Sustainability Evaluation of photovoltaic-based district heating & cooling systems Tallinn University of Technology
Zubair Ahmed Non-noble metal catalyst nanostructures and composites for efficient oxygen electrocatalysis and their applications in next-generation electrochemical technologies University of Tartu
Tauno Tiirats Investigation of electromagnetic power flow effects in vacuum breakdown using multi-scale simulations University of Tartu
Viktor Shevchenko Concept of the Wireless DC Microgrid for Residential Application Tallinn University of Technology
Yoël Perreau Daugavet and Delta points at the interface between big slice and small slice phenomena in Banach space theory University of Tartu

Call for applications 2021

Postdoctor Project Title Host institution
Abhijit Biswas Engineering of peptide-metal nanoparticles for efficient cellular delivery of oligonucleotide drugs University of Tartu
Alejandro Jimenez Cano Metric-affine gravity. Viability, cosmological implications and symmetry breaking University of Tartu
Amruta Pathare Endometrial Cell Atlas in Recurrent Implantation Failure University of Tartu
Andres Kurismaa Integrative approaches to the biology of cognition: reappraising functional systems theory and experimental models Tallinn University
Aviv Glezer Moshe THz low temperature polar Kerr effect spectroscopy of unconventional superconductors National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Enrico Tordoni SPECTRA: a worldwide perspective on species extinction risk across taxonomic groups University of Tartu
Florencia Cabrera BDNF gene expression regulation in non-neuronal cells Tallinn University of Technology
Geeta Arya Nano-nutraceutics approach for in-depth study against existing issue of antimicrobial resistance, biofilms and fungal infections Estonian University of Life Sciences
Imtiyaz Beleem Tests on eco-physiology and distribution of the invasive crab Rhithropanopeus harrisii and its impacts on habitat-forming species for strategic Baltic Sea management planning University of Tartu
Jeffrey Carbillet Malherbe How marine pollution affects seabird life-histories: changes in pace-of-life, transgenerational effects, and cancer University of Tartu
Johannes Vind Temporal and spatial environmental controls on the accumulation of redox-sensitive metals in Cambrian-Ordovician black shales of the Baltic Palaeobasin University of Tartu
Karl Saidla Public policy for successful bike share: Does city size matter? Tartu, Estonia vs. Helsinki, Finland University of Tartu
Marie-Laure Cazin Freud’s last Hypnosis – Validating emotion-driven enactions in cinematic VR Tallinn University
Martin Ruzicka Handheld Drugmeter for quantitative GHB analysis Tallinn University of Technology
Mohit Somani Assessing the reuse of waste materials as a biocover for methane degradation in landfills: A sustainable approach towards climate change mitigation Estonian University of Life Sciences
Omar Mohamed Abdelrahim Abdelghafour Single-Stage Buck-Boost Partial Power Converters Tallinn University of Technology
Pauline Delahaye Living with liminal species: studying and mapping human/animal interactions in cities via the case of corvids University of Tartu
Polina Vlasenko Ethnography of the ova donation and surrogacy markets in Ukraine and Georgia: The supply side of the global reproductive bioeconomy Tallinn University
Selma Zukić Bioactive chemical space for cervical cancer: cheminformatics analysis of chemical structure patterns, machine learning modelling of diverse chemical space and discovery of new bioactive structures University of Tartu
Stephan Alexander Spahn Higher-Order Inference Rules and Recursion Schemes for Cyclic Proofs Tallinn University of Technology