Mobilitas 2008-2015

Researcher mobility programme MOBILITAS

Through the researcher mobility programme Mobilitas postdoctoral researchers and top researchers had a possibility to apply for a grant to carry out a research in Estonia or abroad.

The objective of the programme is to activate international exchange of researchers and knowledge.

The programme Mobilitas will last for eight years (2008-2015), with the total budget of 20.3 million euros, of which up to 85% is granted by the European Social Fund, state funding is no less than 10% and self-financing of the partners (Estonian R&D institutions) reaches at least 5%.


The target group is as follows:

 – top researchers who come from abroad to work in an Estonian R&D institution to create their own research group and do research in the first priority area of the Estonian Research and Development and Innovation Strategy 2007-2013 (information and communication technology, material technology, biotechnology, energy, environment technology, and health).

The duration of the top researcher grant is no less than 3 years, the grant must end no later than 31 July 2015.

 – postdoctoral researchers who come from abroad to work in an Estonian R&D institution. It is also possible to be awarded a grant for going from Estonia to a R&D institution of a foreign state as well as an inter-Estonian grant. The number of researchers going to a foreign state cannot exceed 20% out of all grants awarded from the programme. The amount of inter-Estonian grants will not exceed 10% of all postdoctoral grants.

The duration of the postdoctoral grant is 2 or 3 years.

There will be no further calls for applications.


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