Science Communication Programme TeaMe

TeaMe+ is an European regional Development Fund financed programme for popularizing STEM fields, with a budget of 3.2 million euros for the period 2015–2020. The aim of TeaMe+
is to create a positive social background for studying and working in STEM fields and to influence the interests of young people. TeaMe+ uses different measures to enter the young people’s
sphere of influence: mass media, diversification of extracurricular education and studies in technological sciences and making studying more attractive withthe help of companies. Young people’s willingness and motivation to acquire a higher education in STEM fields must be given a firm basis already in comprehensive school and secondary school levels. In order to reach this goal, we would like to involve companies in teaching STEM subjects. This helps the students to connect their studies with real life, makes theory easily understandable and hopefully guides young people to choose the career of a scientist or an engineer.
The main activities of the program for the period 2015–2020 are as follows:

· Introduction of science topics into mass media and development of science journalism
· Introduction of career options in STEM fields
· Development of cooperation on STEM fields between schools and companies
· Supporting the development of extracurricular science education
· Promoting an open dialogue between scientists and society

TeaMe+ is a follow-up to the programme TeaMe which took place in 2009–2015 with the overall budget of 3.46 million euros and which led to the public broadcasting of 2 science
programmes—3 seasons of the programme At the Top of the Pyramid (Püramiidi tipus) aimed at the general public and 5 seasons of adventurous science gameshow Rocket69 (Rakett69)
for the young. The latter was selected by the European Broadcasting Union as the best educational programme of 2012. In addition to that, study materials were prepared for 8 optional
STEM courses for schools of general education. A study of science communication activities in Estonia was also prepared in the framework of the programme, the results of which were
used as a blueprint for the activities of TeaMe+. An Estonian version of the study report can be found at:



For additional information please contact Margit Meiesaar, programme manager