NUTIKAS research partners

The conditions for the suitability of a R&D institution as a research partner of a company are set out in the relevant regulation of the Minister of Education and Research.


Public R&D institutions are suitable research partners for companies carrying out applied research and product development projects in a smart specialisation area:

The table below sets out the names of all Estonian institutions which are suitable as research partners and the contact details necessary for a company.


Viktor Muuli
Manager of Smart Specialisation
+372 730 0325


University Contact
University of Tartu
Ülle Jagomägi
Senior Industrial Liaison Officer
+372 737 4888

Services for companies
The applied research groups of the University of Tartu can be found from the database.


Tallinn University of Technology
Jelena Fomina
Technology Transfer Manager
+372 620 35 99
Tallinn University
Marek Mühlberg
Business Relationships Coordinator
+372 619 9511
+372 551 0204


Külliki Tafel-Viia
+372 6409 361
Estonian University of Life Sciences
Andi Pärn
Head of the Department of Research and Development
+372 7313045
+372 5098619


The applied research groups of the Estonian University of Life Sciences can be found from the database.

Estonian Academy of Arts
Ingela Heinaste
Business Relationships Coordinator
+372 626 7108


Sven Idarand
+372 626 7108
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
Henry-David Varema
Vice Rector for Development
+372 6675 703
Estonian Business School
Olav Aarna
Vice Rector for Research and Development
+372 665 1382


R&D Institutions



R&D Institution Contact
National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics (KBFI) 
Kristian Sülluste
Development Manager
+372 639 8391
+372 53452599
Skype: kristiansylluste


National Institute for Health Development
Annika Veimer
Director of Public Health Programs
+372 659 3907
+372 659 3900
Cybernetica AS
Arne Ansper
Development Manager
+372 639 7991
Protobios OÜ
Kaia Palm
Member of Board
+372   620 2221
Estonian Crop Research Institute
Andre Veskioja
+372 776 6903
Estonian National Museum
Alar Karis
+372 736 3000
Estonian Literary Museum
Urmas Sutrop
+372 737 7701
Institute of the Estonian Language
Tõnu Tender
+372 6177 501
Under and Tuglas Literature Centre
Jaan Undusk
Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies

Toomas Silla
Business director
+372 5865 1144

Software Technology and Applications Competence Center
Kristjan Eljand
+372 5554 4753
The Competence Centre on Health Technologies
Andres Salumets
Member of the board
+372 7330 400
BioCC – Biotechnology competence centre
Andre Veskioja
Senior reasearcher
+372 5303 1264

Institutions of professional higher education

Institution Contact
TTK University of Applied Sciences
Oliver Kallas
Technology Transfer Manager
+372   666 4542
Tartu Art College
Maarja Aeltermann
Vice Rector
+372 733 8998
Tartu Health College
Merle Varik
Vice Rector for Development
+372 737 0204
Tallinn Healthcare College
Andra Prems
Marketing and Communication Specialist
+372 6 711 732
Estonian Aviation Academy
Karl-Erik Seegel
Coordinator for Development and Applied Research
+372 744 8125
Estonian National Defence College
Sten Allik
Applied Research Centre Manager
Estonian Academy of Security Sciences
Marek Link
Vice Rector for Development
+372 696 5432