The Evaluation Committee of the Estonian Research Council Has Made a Proposal to Fund 80 Research Projects

The Evaluation Committee of the Estonian Research Council has made a proposal to the Management of the Council to fund 80 research projects in 2022, in the total amount of €10.6 million.

Out of the 80 projects to be funded, there are 13 postdoctoral, 25 starting, and 42 team projects. In total, 335 applications were processed. 41% of the successful applicants are women and 59% are men.

The division of the projects in terms of research fields is as follows: medical and health sciences (15%), humanities and the arts (11%), exact sciences (14%), natural sciences (23%), agricultural and veterinary sciences (12%), social sciences (13%) and engineering and technology (11%).

The final funding decision will be made by the Management of the Council after concluding an administrative contract with the Ministry of Education and Research.

After the decision  has been made, more detailed information and statistics regarding the applications, grants, success rates, field-specific grant amounts, division between R&D institutions, and gender of the researchers can be found on the homepage of the Council (in Estonian).

Additional information:
Anu Noorma
Director General of the Estonian Research Council, Chairman of the Evaluation Committee