The national competition of educational research is open until 1 February

The Estonian Research Council has opened the national competition of educational research. The deadline for participation is 1 February 2023 and the award fund is 10500 €.

The contest is open for students studying in Estonia (including foreign students studying in Estonia) and the researchers of Estonian citizenship or of foreign origin, working in Estonia.

Papers from various fields of educational research are welcome: from pedagocics to educational sociology and from psychology to educational technology. Papers can be submitted in 4 categories:

  1. research articles/papers published in Estonian language: 1st prize 1500 euros, 2nd prize 1000 euros;
  2. research articles/papers published in foreign language: 1st prize 1500 euros, 2nd prize 1000 euros;
  3. published and/or approbated doctoral theses and monographs: 1st prize 1700 euros, 2nd prize 1300 euros;
  4. master’s theses: 1st prize 1500 euros, 2nd prize 1000 euros.

The research paper has been completed by the year 2021, 2022 or 2023. Submit your paper by 1 February at our national competition portal: Read more about participation and requirements here:

The authors of best papers will be awarded at the conference of educational research that takes place in spring 2023.

The aim of the competition is to promote research in the field of educational sciences, encourage publication of results, acknowledge educational researchers and introduce the research results to both teachers and the general public. The competition is organised by the Estonian Research Council and funded by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.


Further information:

Marion Villemson
Coordinator of the competition
Ph. +372 730 0339