Research Integrity

The Estonian Research Council (ERC) supports the implementation of the public research policy by following and promoting the principles of research ethics and good research practices. The ERC strives to ensure that all aspects of research are trusted by researchers and the public.

Following the principles of research ethics during a pandemic (2020) [in Estonian]

ENRIO statement. Research integrity even more important for research during a pandemic (2020)


European Cooperation

Science Europe

The Estonian Research Council participated in the Science Europe working group on research ethics and integrity.

Survey Report: Research Integrity Practices in Science Europe Member Organisations (2016)

Workshop Report: Advancing Research Integrity Practices and Policies: From Recommendation to Implementation (2016)

Research Integrity in the European Policy Landscape – Open Letter by Science Europe Governing Board (2016)

Seven reasons to care about integrity in research (2015)

The Estonian Research Council participates in the European Network of Research Integrity Offices (ENRIO).


Seminars held by the ERC

17. -18. september 2015 „The Estonian Code of Conduct for Research Integrity“ [in Estonian]

31. oktoober 2014 “Research and ethics” [in Estonian]

6. juuni 2014 “What is and isn’t forbidden in science” [in Estonian]