Research in Estonia

Estonian Research Council carries out international marketing activities under the initiative called Research in Estonia. Its main aim is to introduce Estonian research on an international level and to an international audience. The main target groups are foreign researchers, international policy-makers and organisations focusing on research cooperation and knowledge-intensive foreign enterprises.

Communication objectives are:

  • Estonia’s contribution to finding science-based solutions to global problems is recognised around the world.
  • Research in Estonia supports expanding the share of Estonian researchers participating in international research cooperation.

Some of the Research in Estonia activities include: offering up-to-date information on the Estonian research system and funding in the English-language website, attending and organizing international meetings and events, creating and distributing communication materials introducing Estonian research.

The Research in Estonia portal offers information and news for professionals, scholars, and students interested in research opportunities in Estonia. Visit the page to get an overview of Estonian research news, an insight into public R&D institutions and get information about funding opportunities.

Estonian Research International Marketing Strategy 2023–2027 (summary in English at the end of the document)

Important information channels:



Siim Lepik
Head of the Field of Strategic Communication
Department of Science Communication
Tel: +372 731 7368

Maarja Puistaja
Communication Specialist
Department of Science Communication
Tel: +372 731 7368

The activities are funded by the European Union Regional Development Fund.