The Estonian Research Council implements the structural aid programmes of the European programming period 2014-2020 for research and development and for promotion of science.

RITA programme is used by the Estonian Research Council to support socio-economical applied research based on the needs of Estonian state. The aim is to increase the role of the state in strategic management of research and the capacity of R&D institutions in carrying out socially relevant research.

ResTA resource valorization programme supports business-oriented R&D in the valorization of wood, food and minerals. The aim of the program is to foster competence of research teams, growth of sectoral specialists and development cooperation between companies and research institutions. Research under the ResTA program, with a budget of € 10.8 million, is due to end in August 2023, but a similar resource enhancement program is planned to continue after that.

Mobilitas Pluss programme facilitates internationalisation of research, mobility of researchers, the next generation of researchers, and international cooperation.

NUTIKAS support aims to contribute to growth in the research-intensity of the Estonian economy, supporting collaboration between R&D institutions and companies.

TeaMe+ programme is an European Regional Development Fund financed programme for popularizing STEM fields (natural sciences and engineering). TeaMe+ partners include the Estonian Academy of Sciences and the Estonian Newspaper Association.