Estonian Liaison Office for EU RTD in Brussels

The Estonian Liaison Office for EU RTD in Brussels was established in March 2012. The main aim of the office is to introduce Estonian research and development in Brussels, participate in the activities of the network of other states’ RTD liaison offices (Informal Group of RTD Liaison Offices, IGLO), support Estonian research and development institutions in organising events and offer internship opportunities in Brussels.

The office is funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the research internationalisation, mobility and future researcher funding programme Mobilitas Pluss.

The office:

  • Participates in introducing Estonian research and development, including the respective institutions, in Brussels, organises seminars and meetings;
  • Supports exchanging information between Estonian R&D institutions and Brussels, creating new contacts, disseminating and mediating cooperation opportunities;
  • Participates in the IGLO network initiative and the activity of working groups;
  • Provides office spaces for Estonian R&D institutions in an office building in Brussels to hold meetings, seminars etc.; if free spaces are available, the use of the premises is free of charge, but pre-registration is required;
  • Offers internship opportunities for employees of R&D institutions (academic and non-academic), by providing the interns with an office space, offering accommodation in an intern flat, paying daily allowances and reimbursing the cost of plane tickets.


Estonian Liaison Office for EU RTD
Rue Guimard 11/13
1040 Brussels, Belgium

Kristel Oitmaa

Phone: +324 7065 5155

Mobile: +372 522 8877