The Estonian Research Council (ETAG) was established to concentrate the funding of R&D and to guarantee the improved functioning of the R&D financing system. ETAG is the main funding organization of R&D in Estonia, consolidating different grants and types of funding and giving research more visibility in the society.

The main activities of the Estonian Research Council are carried out by the following departments:

  • Department of Research Funding is responsible for the distribution of institutional and personal grants and handling of grant applications. The Department also manages several national programmes for research: Health R&D programme, Environmental Conservation and Environmental Technology R&D Programme, and is in charge of the Estonian Research Infrastructures Roadmap activities.
  • Department of R&D Analysis assesses the effectiveness of grants and availability of research information, as well as monitors the creation and usage of intellectual property.
  • Department of International Research Cooperation acts as a National Contact Point for Horizon 2020 Framework programme. The department offers counseling on Horizon Europe activities, coordinates participation in the COST network and consults mobile researchers through the EURAXESS network. ETAG is also responsible for cooperation with Science Europe, European Science Foundation, coordination of BONUS, ERA-NET and other international, bi- and multinational cooperation programmes.
  • Department of Science Communication runs a wide variety of science communication activities in close cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Estonian Public Broadcasting and Estonian Society of Science Journalists. The department is currently handling nine state-financed nationwide science communication programmes addressing everybody from the very young to the general publik, including the organization of a contest for the Estonian Science Communication Award, production of two science programmes in the Estonian National Television, launching a web-portal aimed at young people that promotes career options in Science and Technology, etc..
  • ETAG is the authorized processor of the Estonian Research Information System ETIS, an information channel and a tool for researchers as well as R&D institutions. Department of Estonian Research Information System also acts as the help desk to the Estonian Research Information System.