Support for Ukrainian researchers

ETAG has prepared two support measures for the Ukrainian researchers who have fled to Estonia.

We provide funding for Estonian universities to hire Ukranian researcher(s) to the their grant project team (ETAG’s starting, team or developmental grant). The researcher must start their work in the team in 2023 and ETAG covers the costs for up to 6 months. More information can be found here.

Further information: Helen Post,

We fund Ukrainian researchers’ short-term study visits to Estonian universities (up to 3 months). These visits allow Ukrainian researchers to get acquainted with the research done at Estonian universities and help them improve their professional skills. We also aim to foster the cooperation between Ukrainian and Estonian researchers in general. More information (in Estonian) is available here.

The support programme for study visits begins in May and lasts until the end of 2022. All Estonian universities are eligible for the funding, ETAG will cover the personnel costs (including taxes) for up to 3 months. A total of 50 trainees can be supported through this measure, researchers positions will be distributed proportionally between the universities. The funds can be used retroactively back to 24 February 2022.

Further information: Allan Padar,

NB! A researcher won’t be eligible for both types of funding at the same time. It is possible to combine the two measures, but in this case, the researcher must complete the short-term study visit  before joining the grant project team. 

Practical information (accommodation, job opportunities, everyday matters etc) to foreign researchers arriving in Estonia is provided by the EURAXESS team. Find more information on their website or contact them directly via