Research Funding

Research grants are aimed at supporting high-quality R&D projects and the accompanying research activities.

All researchers who work at positively evaluated Estonian R&D institutions, regardless of their citizenship or country of origin, can apply for research funding. The grants are financed from the Estonian state budget. The calls are organised by the Estonian Research Council. The Evaluation Committee of the Estonian Research Council is responsible for the evaluation of the applications as well as for making the funding proposals.

On a regular basis, the following research grants can be applied for:

In exceptional calls, specific grants can be applied for, e.g the 2020 target grants.

In 2023 the call for Centres of Excellence grants took place. A Centre of Excellence is a scientific consortium which aims to develop the cooperation and joint activities of exceptionally high-level Estonian research groups.


Helen Post
Head of Department (Department of Research and Development Funding)
Tel +372 731 7363