GEARING-Roles annual conference on gender equality in research and higher education 2022

Estonian Research Council organized the international conference “GEARING-Roles annual conference on gender equality in research and higher education”. The conference covered subjects such as implementing gender equality plans at research insititutions, the current state of gender equality in Estonian research and the gender dimension in research.

The conference was hosted by Barbi Pilvre, who also moderated the panel dicussion on the gender equlity situation in Estonian academia. GEARING-Roles panel discussion was moderated by Xavier Eekhout.

You can watch the recording of the conference HERE and read the summary HERE. Conference was photographed by Liis Markvardt and illustrated by Piret Räni. The gallery is found HERE. Estonian Research Council thanks all the speakers and participants who were part of the event. The conference was held in the framework of the Horizon 2020 gender mainstreaming project GEARING-Roles.




Gender dimension in research, Mathias W. Nielsen (University of Copenagen)

Intersectionality in research, Raili Marling (University of Tartu)

Gender equality in science in Estonia, Helen Urmann (University of Tartu)

Paneldiscussion “Implementing gender equality plans in research organisations: main achievements and resistances faced” presentations: 

Karin Jaanson (Estonian Research Council) HERE

Anne Laure Humbert (Oxford Brookes University, England) HERE

Zeynep Gülrü Göker (Sababci University, Turkey) HERE

Laia Tarragona (University of Deusto, Spain) HERE

Roman Kuhar (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) HERE

Maria Lucinda Fonseca (University of Lisbon, Portugal) HERE


More information about the final GEARING-Roles hybrid-conference on 18th October 2022 is found HERE.