Networking Activities for Science Communicators

Science communication conferences

The aim of the annual science communication conference is to bring together different interest groups in the field of science promotion and communication.

Every year conference is focused on one clearly defined problem – e.g. the relationship between scientists and media, the development of extracurricular science education, factors influencing young people’s career choices in STEM fields etc. In addition Science Communication Awards are announced at the conference.

Information channels

The network of science communicators and their activities is supported monthly by  e-newsletter, social media groups and annual summer schools.

The e-newsletter includes articles and information on different events, activities and participants and it is circulated within the network as well as in schools. Several e-newsletter articles have also appeared in public press over the years.

A Facebook group has been created for science communicators, which also contributes to exchanging information and experiences. Additionally, the web-portal helps the communicators to gain more visibility by providing them with an event calendar and an opportunity for the participants to introduce their activities.

Summer schools are informal meeting places for science communicators, where they can learn from each other and discuss topics of common interest.

For additional information please contact:

Annely Allik
Head of the Department of Science Communication