Expert Panels

The Evaluation Committee can form Expert Panels. The Tasks of the Expert Panel:

  1. evaluation of the research funding applications and reports;
  2. justified proposals to the Evaluation Committee based on the evaluation;
  3. assist the Evaluation Committee in other tasks.

In 2024, the Evaluation Committee has formed the following Expert Panels:

1. Exact Sciences (Natural Sciences 1):
1.1 Mathematics, Computer Science, and Informatics
1.2 Physics
1.3 Chemistry
2. Biological and Environmental Sciences (Natural Sciences 2):
2.1 Earth, Water, and Related Environmental Sciences
2.2 Cell and Molecular Biology
2.3 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
3. Engineering and Technology:
3.1 Civil and Mechanical Engineering
3.2 Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering
3.3 Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology
3.4 Chemical and Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology
4. Medical and Health Sciences:
4.1 Medical and Health Sciences
5. Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences:
5.1 Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences
6. Social Sciences:
6.1 Social Sciences
7. Humanities and the Arts:
7.1 History, Archaeology, Ethnology, Folkloristics, and Anthropology
7.2 Linguistics and Literary Studies
7.3 Philosophy, Theology, and Classical Studies
7.4 Arts, Cultural Studies, and Semiotics
8. Post-doctoral Grant Applications
9. Research Ethics and Data Management

The names of the members of the Expert Panels are confidential.