National Centre for Translational and Clinical Research

Name of the Research Infrastructure (RI)

National Centre for Translational and Clinical Research

Acronym of the RI


Website of the RI  

New website will be launched in May 2014.

Location (address) of the RI

Ravila 19 / 50411 Tartu

Scientific domain(s) of the RI

Biological and Medical Sciences

Type of RI


Research Services at the RI


Animal models, diagnostics, translational research;

Genomics and metabolomics;

Biomarker discovery, disease collections, clinical research;

Research on biodefense.

Equipment at the RI


Small animal MRI, animal house, BSL3 animal laboratory;

GMP facility;

Next generation sequencer, Ion Torrent, Proton Torrent;

Disease collections and database;

Confocal microscopy;




Number of national users per year: 500

Number of European users per year: 100

Number of international users per year: 20

Year of start of operation

(i.e. Status and Status Date)

Status: Operational

Since: 2014

Key words


Translational research, medicine, clinical research, biomedicine, drug development, animal models.

Description of the RI


General objective of NCTCR is to advance medical research in Estonia by improving its quality and implementation. Mission of the NCTCR is to transform scientififc discoveries into innovative and high impact medicines, diagnostics and medical devices through collaboration between academia, industrial and governmental partners.

NCTCR is also the partner in European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine (EATRIS ERIC).

Hosting Organisation

University of Tartu

Contact email

Sulev Kõks