Previous funding schemes for Estonian RIs

Estonian Research Council has had several funding strategies to provide recources for research infrastructures since 2014.
Legal documents and Government regulations regarding the Research Infrastructures are all in Estonian and no legal translations are provided.

Closed grants are listed in the menu at left under this topic. Soon to be closed are also grants for Core Facilities and funding for International collaboration between Research Infrastructures. From year 2024 all Research Infrastructures will be gathered on the Estonian RI Roadmap and thereafter they can apply for funding.

Funding Core Facilities

In the years 2013-2019, core facilities were funded within the framework of institutional research grants (institutsionaalsed uurimistoetused – IUT) application rounds. From 2020, the funding for core facilities started on a new basis as a separate funding scheme based on the “Principles of supporting core infrastructure” developed by the Ministry of Education and Research. A core facility is an object of the Estonian Research Infrastructure Roadmap that provides services outside the institution or institutions that formed it and is included in the list of core facilities. The purpose of Core Facility grant is to ensure the openness of the research infrastructure of national importance to public, private and third sector users. The grant is provided for covering the additional costs related to making the research infrastructure available outside the core infrastructure managing institution and to cover the costs involving obligations arising from international cooperation. The manager of the core facility is a research and development institution or a consortium whose members include at least one positively evaluated research and development institution.

Funding the International collaboration between Research Infrastructures

International research cooperation grant is research and development funding that is given to Estonian institutions for participation in cooperation initiated by international research infrastructure. The applicant is a consortium related to international infrastructure, which is formed of Estonian institutions that have submitted this infrastructure to the Estonian research infrastructure roadmap list. These institutions can also invite other parties related to the infrastructure and carrying out activities in Estonia to join the consortium.

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