Centres of Excellence results 2023

New Centres of Excellence projects funded in the 2023 call:

Principal investigator of the centre of excellence Project Title Institution
Ülo Niinemets Agroecology and new crops in future climates Estonian University of Life Sciences
Martti Raidal Foundations of the Universe National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Enn Lust Center of Excellence in Sustainable Green Hydrogen and Energy Technologies University of Tartu
Meelis Kull Estonian Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence University of Tartu
Reedik Mägi Centre of Excellence for Personalised Medicine University of Tartu
Kristiina Tambets Estonian Roots: Centre of Excellence for transdisciplinary studies on ethnogenesis and cultural diversity University of Tartu
Andero Uusberg Estonian Center of Excellence of Well-Being Sciences University of Tartu
Riina Aav Centre of Excellence in Circular Economy for Strategic Mineral and Carbon Resources Tallinn University of Technology
Jarek Kurnitski Centre of Excellence in Energy Efficiency Tallinn University of Technology
Evelyn Uuemaa Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Land Use University of Tartu