New restrictions will not affect research grant application

Last March, the call was disrupted by the unexpected declaration of the state of emergency. Since the Estonian Government imposed new restrictions yesterday, many researchers have asked us whether it affects this year’s application process.

We assure that the call will go on as planned: grant applications can be submitted until 17:00 (Estonian time) on 31 March via the Estonian Research Information System (ETIS).

Depending on future developments, the Council will, if necessary, introduce additional changes regarding the application process and inform the researchers as well as the R&D institutions immediately.

The call documents and further important information can be found on the website of Estonian Research Council. We have also compiled a FAQ for this year’s call and update it consistently, based on the questions from researchers.

Further information:

Siret Rutiku
The Head of the Department of Research Funding
+372 731 7381/ + 372 5342 0639