Science communicators

The Estonian Research Council is involved in communicating science and supporting future generations of researchers and engineers.  We offer support to anyone who strives to attract young people to research and technology, as well as creates and maintains interest in these fields.

Estonian Science Communication Award draws attention to the activities that introduce science to the society and acknowledges people who promote science in Estonia. The highest recognition  is the Lifetime Achievement Award for long-time systematic communication of science and technology.

We contribute to the development of science media; for example, the television programme “Rocket69” reached television screens as a result of the initiative of the Estonian Research Council. We develop portal that introduces the professions of STEM areas, and publish the e-newsletter that gives an overview of the science communication activities in Estonia.

In order to support cooperation between science communicators, we organise annual summer schools and  science communication conferences. We also fund an open call for Science Communication projects to support activities which promote the work of researchers and engineers for wider public as well as raise interest in these professions.