National Contest of Educational Research

The aim of the Estonian National Contest of Educational Research is to promote research in the field of educational sciences, encourage publication of results, acknowledge educational researchers and introduce the research results to both teachers and the general public.

Read about the specific conditions of the last contest HERE!

The contest is open for students studying in Estonia (including foreign students studying in Estonia) and the researchers of Estonian citizenship or of foreign origin, working in Estonia.

The research papers can be of wide spectrum of research including next to educational science also fields such as pedagogy, didactics, special education, speech therapy, psychology, educational sociology, educational ideology, educational philosophy, educational technology, educational management, educational economics, educational law etc.

The award fund is 10500 euros.

The contest accepts entries in 4 categories:

  1. research articles/papers published in Estonian language: 1st prize 1500 euros, 2nd prize 1000 euros;
  2. research articles/papers published in foreign language: 1st prize 1500 euros, 2nd prize 1000 euros;
  3. published and/or approbated doctoral theses and monographs: 1st prize 1700 euros, 2nd prize 1300 euros;
  4. master’s theses: 1st prize 1500 euros, 2nd prize 1000 euros.

The official documents of the contest in Estonian are as follows:

Haridusteaduste konkursi alusmäärus

2023. aasta konkursi väljakuulutamise käskkiri

About the history of the contest

The contest was held for the first time in 1990. During the first years the research papers were assessed in three categories – research work, master’s thesis and popular science work. In February 1993 an agreement was concluded between the Ministry of Education and Estonian Academic Society of Pedagogics (EAPS) for organising the contest each year; the category for master’s thesis remained dedicated to Heino Liimets. By the end of 1990s, a necessity arose to assess the research works published in Estonian and foreign languages separately. At the beginning of the new millennium, the category for didactic-applicational works was added. Since 2008 the category of doctoral theses has been dedicated to Heino Liimets. In 2011, a seventh category was added to the previous six – the category for textbooks; the works shall be submitted and assessed in an e-environment. In 2018 the necessity to reform and renew the contest arose to cover a wider spectrum of research. In 2020 the renewed contest was announced including 4 categories: research articles in Estonian; research articles in foreign language; doctoral theses and monographs; master’s theses. The contest was given the status of a national contest in 2002. From 2009 to 2011 the contest was organised by Archimedes Foundation in cooperation with Ministry of Education and Research and EAPS. From 2012 onwards, the contest shall be organised  by the Estonian Research Council financed by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.


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