Supporting the ERC applications

ERC Grant Conditions and Procedure

What We Do and What is the Goal of the Activity?

The Estonian Research Council (ETAG) supports researchers who have advanced to the second round of the ERC Starting, Consolidator, Advanced, or Synergy Grant competitions but have not received funding from the European Research Council (ERC). We offer them the opportunity to continue their research in Estonia and enhance their application for resubmission in the ERC Grant application round.

The goal of this activity is to increase the number of ERC Grant holders in Estonia, as ERC grants are highly regarded in the research community, and the success of Estonian researchers in obtaining them has been low so far. The more holders of internationally competitive grants there are in Estonia, the more attractive Estonia becomes as a research nation, and the more successful its participation in the European Horizon initiatives.


Who Qualifies to Receive Support?

Researchers who are employed by an institution and participate in the ERC Grant competition, receive an evaluation grade of A, but have not received funding from the European Research Council qualify for support. Subsequently, the researcher must submit an application to the Estonian Research Council through the Estonian Research Information System (ETIS) using the specified form. The application must include information about the purpose, results, budget, and schedule of the project. Additionally, the application must demonstrate how the project contributes to the smart specialization fields. Only projects that contribute to the smart specialization fields will be funded.

The smart specialization fields in Estonia include the focus areas of the Estonian Research and Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy 2021–2035 (RDIE Strategy) that hold economic potential, including: 1) digital solutions in all areas of life; 2) health technologies and services; 3) valorization of local resources; 4) smart and sustainable energy solutions. The application must clearly indicate which field the project contributes to and how.

Detailed information about the smart specialization fields can be found on the page introducing the TAIE focus areas and roadmaps.


How Much is the Support and for What Duration?

Costs are reimbursed based on unit rates, which also depend on the rates of state-budgeted personal research grants. In 2023, the support amount is 110,000 euros per year, of which the grant is 86%, i.e., 94,600 euros, and the co-financing is 14%, i.e., 15,400 euros (direct project costs 88,000 euros, indirect costs 22,000 euros).

Costs will be reimbursed over a period of up to 1.5 years per project.


When Do the Activities Take Place?

The implementation of activities takes place continuously, according to the arrival of results from the ERC Grant competitions.



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Head of Research Mobility
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