A call to share ideas about COST and the experience of participating in COST

Dear COST Action participants,

This year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Estonia’s participation in COST.

To mark the occasion we are creating a web-based collage of COST experiences. We invite you to share your thoughts, stories, anecdotes, but also photos, videos and other material related to COST as such or to your COST Action participation. There will also be a conference in May to mark the anniversary, to be announced soon.

To give you an idea of the desired material, we have compiled some questions in Estonian and English. The questions are just meant as inspiration. Inspiration can also be found in the collage published by COST Association at its 50 years anniversary last year.

Please write to cost25@etag.ee or directly into the web form.

Should you need any help, please contact us at cost25@etag.ee


Kind regards,
Maarja Adojaan
Head of International Research Cooperation Department
Estonian Research Council