The Evaluation Committee of the Estonian Research Council Has Made a Proposal to Fund 92 Research Projects

The Evaluation Committee of the Estonian Research Council has made a proposal to the Board of the Council to fund 92 research projects in 2021, in the total amount of 16 million. The grants will be awarded to 8 postdoctoral, 21 start-up, and 63 team projects.

Most of the projects to receive funding are in the field of natural sciences (37), followed by medical and health sciences (15), engineering and technology (12), humanities and the arts (11), and social sciences (10). The smallest number of grants (7) is in the field of agricultural and veterinary sciences.

Among the researchers receiving the grants, seven Estonian R&D institutions are present.

The total number of applications submitted was 416, out of which 413 were processed.

The final funding decision is scheduled to be made by the end of December by the Board of the Council after concluding an administrative contract with the Ministry of Education and Research.

More detailed information and statistics regarding the applications, grants, success, field-specific grant amounts, division between R&D institutions, and gender of the researchers can be found on the homepage of the Council (in Estonian).

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