25th anniversary of Estonia’s participation in COST

Estonia joined COST in May 1997. On 16 May 2022, the Estonian Research Council, together with the COST Association and the Academy of Sciences, organised a conference to mark the 25th anniversary of Estonia’s participation in COST. The conference took place at the Estonian Academy of Sciences in Tallinn.

The conference looked back at Estonia’s participation and discussed future directions. What has been the importance of COST for Estonia, and how has it changed over time? How do COST networks contribute to collaboration between researchers and society? Could and should active participation in COST be supported better?

To celebrate the event, COST and ETAG prepared overviews of Estonia’s participation in COST:

Dedicated page on the COST website: cost.eu/25-years-estonia

Collage of ideas and experiences related to COST: cost25.etag.ee

Presentation slides:

Blog post COST in Estonia: 25 going on… 800? (Kai Kaljumäe, ETAG)

A call to share ideas about COST and the experience of participating in COST remains open!


Invitation and agenda of the conference: