A call to share ideas about COST and the experience of participating in COST

Thank you for following up on our call to share your experience. Please find the text field below (after the questions). Please follow one or more of the questions below or approach COST from any other angle of your choice.

1.Opinion on COST or experience with COST in general

Possible questions:
– How do you see the main contribution of COST to science, research cooperation, etc.? Please give examples.
– How has COST or Estonia’s participation in COST changed over time? Please give examples.
– How would you advise those who have no previous experience with COST to approach COST?
– How would you respond to the statement that the main focus of COST is travel and not science?

2. Experience in a specific COST project

Possible questions:
– What was or is the focus of this project (either in general or for you personally)?
– What role did you play in this project? (e.g., as a team member or Working Group leader, leader of a research topic, etc.)
– How did you join the proposal or the COST Action?
– How did the actual workings of the action, or of your role, corresponded to your previous idea? Were there any surprises or challenges – and if so, what helped to overcome them?
– What did this COST Action give you personally?
– Did something new or greater emerge from this project – be it for yourself, your field of research, the world or science in general?

3. Comparison of several COST projects

Possible questions:
– In which and how many COST Actions have you participated in? How similar or different have they been?
– How has your position or experience differed in COST Actions?
– In which ways do COST Actions differ from each other?

* Of course, you are very welcome to write without answering any questions.

Should you need any help or would like to send us additional materials, please contact us at cost25@etag.ee