Project preparation assistance

Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe and the COST project preparation assistance and the Baltic bonus


The aim of the preparation assistance
Amount of support
De minimis aid procedure
Allocation and use of support
Preparation assistance application and de minimis aid form

The aim of the preparation assistance

Preparation assistance is designed to recognize and stimulate in Estonia the quality of the projects H2020, Horizon Europe and COST to apply for funding, and to promote cooperation between the three Baltic States. State budget funds are used to finance the preparatory support, which are allocated to ETAG by the Ministry of Education and Research. 

Amount of support

Consortium coordinators: 5 000 €
Support for individual projects: 3 000 €
Baltic bonus: 1 000 €

From 1st January 2021 (the date of the evaluation protocol), the ERA Chair and the European Research Council (ERC) project applications will receive a preparation grant of 5,000 euros per application that exceeds the evaluation threshold.


  • The person or institution applying for support is the main applicant of the project (consortium coordinator).
  • The project application has exceeded the evaluation threshold (thresholds set for both the individual evaluation criteria and the overall score according to the rules of the application round); In the case of a European Research Council (ERC) grant, the application must have reached the second round of evaluation.
  • The application has been submitted less than six months after the assessment results were revealed.
  • In the case of a 2-stage application, the preparation grant only concerns the full application. In the case of EIC Accelerator individual projects, support is paid to those applicants who reach at least the interview round.
  • The preparatory support is one-time, i.e. a project that has exceeded the evaluation threshold will not be supported multiple times.
  • The applicant must not have a tax debt

Baltic bonus can be claimed by the consortium coordinator, whose project participates also partners from Latvia or Lithuania.

If the conditions for receiving preparation support from one institution are met for several projects, the institution can submit a combined application.

De minimis aid procedure

In the form of preparatory support, it may be a minimis aid within the meaning of § 33 of the Competition Act. De minimis aid is specified in Article 3 of Regulation (EU) No. 1407/2013 of the European Commission. The procedure for granting de minimis aid applies to companies. The grantor (ETAG) is obliged to check that the de minimis aid given to the applicant for the preparation grant does not exceed the upper limit of the de minimis aid together with the preparation grant (200,000 euros over three fiscal years).

Allocation and use of support

The request is granted by the directive of the ETAG board. In case of a positive decision, the grant will be transferred to the applicant’s bank account within 30 days. If the request is not approved, the applicant will receive justification within 30 days.

Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe and the COST cooperation network project preparation assistance and the Baltic bonus processing guide (in Estonian)

Preparation assistance application and de minimis aid form

If the applicant is a company, the de minimis aid form must be attached to the application. The form can be downloaded HERE.
The grant applicant submits the application electronically (digitally signed) to the e-mail address
The application is signed by the head of the institution requesting support or a person with the corresponding authorization.

Free-form application contains the following information:

  • requesting authority;
  • project executor’s name;
  • contacts;
  • bank details;
  • project acronym and registration number;
  • form of participation in the project (coordinator or individual);
  • whether it is claimed the Baltic bonus;
  • whether it is H2020, Horizon Europe or COST project application
  • for Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe: the competition theme or work program under which the project application belonged
  • the applicant’s confirmation that the same project application has not previously received a preparatory grant.

An assessment report from the European Commission or COST on exceeding the assessment threshold must be attached to the application. The application can be submitted up to six months after the evaluation result is revealed.