Estonian science show „Rakett69“ (“Rocket69”) will air in Luxembourg next year

In the beginning of January, Estonian Research Council, production company Vesilind and Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) signed an agreement that allows FNR to use the format of the popular Estonian television show in Luxembourg.

FNR bought the rights to produce a science competition that would be based on the format created by Estonians. In January, the search for the production company begins and shooting is scheduled to begin in autumn. In 2023, the show will be aired on a television channel that is part of the larger RTL media group, whose programming is mainly aimed at German-speaking population.

Three years ago, the FNR delegation met with the representatives of Estonian Research Council. One aim of the visit was to get acquainted with the science popularisation activities in Estonia, including “Rocket69”. Riho Västrik, producer of the show, said that the guests immediately expressed their interest in creating a similar science programme in Luxembourg and were now able to secure funding from the state. The newly-made agreement makes Västrik hopeful. “We already know that we’re making a great show and this kind of international recognition makes us more confident that we’re doing the right thing”.  Västrik added that several other foreign countries have also been interested in “Rocket69”. “Let’s hope that the agreement with Luxembourg will pave the way for new cooperation opportunities,” he added.

Anu Noorma, the Director General of the Estonian Research Council said that the accomplishment is significant in many ways. “It is a great opportunity to introduce the success stories of Estonian education and science communication to the wider world. The Kvark science show team that creates tasks for the competitors of the Estonian show will soon be able to demonstrate their skills to the Luxembourgian audiences. And it is also great pleasure to see that ETAG’s constant cooperation in international science administration has helped to transform a fun idea to a definite result”.

“Rocket69” is an Estonian TV competition where students solve various tasks related to science, technology and engineering. The aim of the show is to increase the appreciation of science, technology and engineering among the youth. The show is produced by Vesilind and funded by Estonian Research Council. On 14 January, the 12th season of “Rocket69” starts on Eesti Televisioon (ETV).


Additional information:

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Head of the Science Communication Department
Estonian Research Council
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