IUT call 2012

Guidelines for evaluating institutional research funding applications (2012)

Memorandum of the Estonian Research Council on the call for proposals for institutional and personal research grants for 2013



Funded institutional research topics 2013
Principal Investigator Institution Title
1 Ross, Jaan Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Performative aspects of music
2 Gross, Riho Estonian University of Life Sciences Population genetic, genomic and transcriptomic approaches in studies of genetic diversity and local adaptations in fish and farm animals
3 Niinemets, Ülo Estonian University of Life Sciences Plant stress in changing climates: from stress responses to acclimation and adaptation
4 Valdmann, Andres Estonian University of Life Sciences Fertility and health in dairy cattle
5 Leinsalu, Mall National Institute for Health Development Societal and individual determinants of population health: a register-based approach
6 Palang, Hannes Tallinn University Culturescapes in transformation: towards an integrated theory of meaning making
7 Toomela, Aaro Tallinn University Academic and personal development of an individual in the system of formal education
8 Kalamees, Targo Tallinn University of Technology Nearly-zero energy solutions and their implementation on deep renovation of buildings
9 Trapido, Marina Tallinn University of Technology Chemical engineering approach to removal of priority pollutants and emerging micropollutants from water/wastewater and soil: implementation and optimization of advanced oxidation technologies
10 Veski, Siim Tallinn University of Technology Postglacial paleoecology and paleoclimate in the Baltic area
11 Ahas, Rein University of Tartu Spatial Population Mobility and Geographical Changes in Urban Regions
12 Allik, Jüri University of Tartu Psychological Mechanisms of Cognition and Personality Processes
13 Asser, Toomas University of Tartu Novel diagnostic markers of nervous system diseases and factors predicting treatment outcome
14 Eha, Jaan University of Tartu Impact of the changes in the arterial profile (biochemical, functional, and structural) on the development of organ damage. New perspectives for treatment and prevention of arterial damage, and their assessment.
15 Freiberg, Arvi University of Tartu Quantum excitations in biosystems over broad temperature and pressure range studied by optical spectroscopy and neutron scattering
16 Hižnjakov, Vladimir University of Tartu Nonlinear theory of solids and fundamental fields
17 Kaasik, Allen University of Tartu Mitochondrial biogenesis, dynamics and mitophagy in neurodegenerative diseases
18 Kotta, Jonne University of Tartu Coastal ecosystems and rapid change: Understanding and projecting effects of multiple stressors on marine biodiversity and functioning
19 Kull, Kalevi University of Tartu Semiotic modelling of self-description mechanisms: Theory and applications
20 Lember, Margus University of Tartu Associations between chronic diseases and ageing, bone, fat, muscle changes and impact of endocrine factors
21 Loog, Mart University of Tartu Molecular switches in eukaryotic systems
22 Luštšik, Aleksandr University of Tartu Transformation of electronic excitations into luminescence and radiation defects  in wide-gap functional materials
23 Mander, Ülo University of Tartu Global Warming and Material Cycling in Landscapes. Global Warming- and Human-Induced Changes of Landscape Structure and Functions: Modelling and Ecotechnological Regulation of Material Fluxes in Landscapes
24 Nõmmiste, Ergo University of Tartu Structure sensitive interaction mechanisms in functional materials at nanoscale
25 Pajusalu, Karl University of Tartu Prosodic structure and language contact in the Finno-Ugric languages
26 Peterson, Pärt University of Tartu The mechanisms of immune tolerance
27 Sammelselg, Väino University of Tartu Thin-film structures for nanoelectronic applications and  functional coatings
28 Žarkovski, Aleksander University of Tartu Neural cell adhesion molecules as potential therapeutic targets for the correction of dysfunctional brain plasticity
29 Tenson, Tanel University of Tartu Mechanisms of antibiotic action and antibiotic resistance
30 Unruh, Dominique Peer Ghislain University of Tartu Provably secure and verifiable systems
31 Valk, Ülo University of Tartu Tradition, creativity and society: minorities and alternative discourses