IUT call 2013

Funded institutional research topics 2014
Topic Principal Investigator Title Institution
1 IUT27-1 Laud, Peeter Theory and Practice of Secure Intergovernmental, -organizational, and -personal Information Exchange Cybernetica AS
2 IUT24-1 Villems, Richard The dawn of whole genomic era in archaeogenetics Estonian Biocentre
3 IUT22-2 Laak, Marin Formal and Informal Networks of Literature, Based on Sources of Cultural History Estonian Literary Museum
4 IUT22-4 Sarv, Mari Folklore in the Process of Cultural Communication: Ideologies and Communities Estonian Literary Museum
5 IUT22-5 Kõiva, Mare Narrative and belief aspects of folklore studies Estonian Literary Museum
6 IUT21-1 Kull, Tiiu Non-additive impact of border-richness to biota Estonian University of Life Sciences
7 IUT21-2 Nõges, Tiina Lake food webs and C metabolism across gradients of catchment alkalinity and climate Estonian University of Life Sciences
8 IUT21-4 Uri, Veiko The carbon dynamics in Estonian forests affected by sustainable management Estonian University of Life Sciences
9 IUT19-17 Klauson, Aleksander Dynamical processes in hydraulic networks, marine structures and sea environment National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
10 IUT23-1 Käämbre, Tuuli Mechanisms of regulation of integrated energy metabolism in tumor and muscle cells. National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
11 IUT23-3 Rõõm, Toomas Interaction of THz radiation with magnetic excitations National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
12 IUT23-4 Kadastik, Mario Experimental high energy physics at the CMS experiment at LHC National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
13 IUT23-5 Kahru, Anne Nano(eco)toxicology and beyond (ToxBe) National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
14 IUT23-6 Raidal, Martti Origin of Mass National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
15 IUT23-7 Heinmaa, Ivo NMR investigations of the local structure and dynamics in solids and solutions National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
16 IUT23-9 Rebane, Aleksander Multi-photon functional optical sensing materials National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
17 IUT18-2 Goodson, Ivor Teachers’ professionality and professionalism in changing context Tallinn University
18 IUT18-4 Belobrovtseva, Irina Estonia between East and West: The Paradigm of the Images of “Own”, “Other”, “Strange”, “Enemy” in Estonian Cultures in the 20th Century Tallinn University
19 IUT18-8 Mänd, Anu The Making of Livonia: Actors, Institutions and Networks in the Medieval and Early Modern Baltic Sea Region Tallinn University
20 IUT18-9 Sugita, Shinya Environmental Changes and Their Effects on the Coastal Landscape of Estonia: Past, Present and Future – ENCHANTED Tallinn University
21 IUT19-1 Raik, Jaan Dependable multi-core computing systems Tallinn University of Technology
22 IUT19-11 Min, Mart Impedance spectroscopy based identification and control of objects: signals, algorithms, energy efficient solutions Tallinn University of Technology
23 IUT19-13 Drechsler, Wolfgang Johannes Max Challenges to state modernization in 21st century Europe: Theoretical developments and future scenarios Tallinn University of Technology
24 IUT19-18 Timmusk, Tõnis Regulation of gene expression and signaling in nervous system health and disease Tallinn University of Technology
25 IUT19-2 Fridolin, Ivo Biooptical and bioelectrical signals in Biomedical Engineering Tallinn University of Technology
26 IUT19-22 Vaikmäe, Rein Groundwater flow history, global paleoclimate signals and anthropogenic influence in the Baltic Artesian Basin: a synthesis of numerical models and hydrogeochemical data Tallinn University of Technology
27 IUT19-27 Paalme, Toomas Systems biology of food technologies and science Tallinn University of Technology
28 IUT19-28 Grossberg, Maarja New materials and technologies for solar energetics Tallinn University of Technology
29 IUT19-29 Kübarsepp, Jakob Multi-scale structured ceramic-based composites for extreme applications Tallinn University of Technology
30 IUT19-3 Truve, Erkki Molecular plant-microbe interactions Tallinn University of Technology
31 IUT19-32 Lopp, Margus Directed asymmetric catalytic synthesis: an integrated approach Tallinn University of Technology
32 IUT19-4 Krunks, Malle Thin films and nanomaterials by wet-chemical methods for next-generation photovoltaics Tallinn University of Technology
33 IUT19-6 Lips, Urmas Multi-scale physical processes controlling the biogeochemical signal dynamics in the stratified Baltic Sea Tallinn University of Technology
34 IUT19-8 Palumaa, Peep Structural and medical metalloproteomics Tallinn University of Technology
35 IUT19-9 Samel, Nigulas Structural and regulatory aspects of lipid and lipoprotein metabolism Tallinn University of Technology
36 IUT26-2 Hütsi, Gert Galaxy evolution in the hierarchical Universe Tartu Observatory
37 IUT28-1 Undusk, Jaan Entangled Literatures: Discursive History of Literary Culture in Estonia Under and Tuglas Literature Centre
38 IUT20-1 Talvet, Jüri Estonian Literature in the Paradigm of Comparative Literary Research University of Tartu
39 IUT20-11 Hõrrak, Urmas Airborne nanoparticles and their role in meteorological processes University of Tartu
40 IUT20-13 Lust, Enn Functional Micro/Mesoporous Nanomaterials for Novel Energy Conversion and Storage Systems University of Tartu
41 IUT20-14 Leito, Ivo The Chemistry of Superacids and Superbases and its Hi-Tech Applications University of Tartu
42 IUT20-15 Burk, Peeter Complex Formation and Molecular Recognition in Chemistry: Increasing the Effectiveness and Selectivity of Important Processes University of Tartu
43 IUT20-16 Tammeveski, Kaido Investigation of Processes in Microheterogeneous and Nanoscale Systems and Related Technological Applications University of Tartu
44 IUT20-17 Rinken, Ago Novel Optical Biosensing Systems and Their Biomedical Applications University of Tartu
45 IUT20-19 Kivisaar, Maia Molecular Mechanisms of Adaptation of Bacteria to Environmental Stress University of Tartu
46 IUT20-21 Remme, Jaanus Biosynthesis of Macromolecules and Maintenance of their Synthetic Activity University of Tartu
47 IUT20-23 Kristjuhan, Arnold Role of chromatin in regulation of DNA replication and transcription University of Tartu
48 IUT20-24 Aabloo, Alvo Stimuli-Responsive Smart Polymer Composite Materials and their Applications in Lab-on chip Devices and in Robotics University of Tartu
49 IUT20-26 Langel, Ülo Trans-barrier targeting University of Tartu
50 IUT20-27 Merits, Andres Interaction between virus and host: expanding knowledge for the development of biomedical tools University of Tartu
51 IUT20-28 Zobel, Martin The role of arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) in shaping plant community patterns and plant interactions University of Tartu
52 IUT20-29 Pärtel, Meelis Dark diversity: taxonomic, phylogenetic, functional and genetic levels in dynamic plant communities University of Tartu
53 IUT20-3 Ehala, Martin Sustainability of Estonian in the Era of Globalisation (SEEG) University of Tartu
54 IUT20-30 Kõljalg, Urmas Big data – integrated study of fungal species and their interactions University of Tartu
55 IUT20-31 Zobel, Kristjan The role of plant-plant interactions as drivers of evolutionary change in herbaceous plants University of Tartu
56 IUT20-32 Saarma, Urmas Evolutionary and contemporary processes in populations of mammals and their pathogens University of Tartu
57 IUT20-33 Tammaru, Toomas Comparative approaches to evolutionary ecology of insects: from phylogenies to applied population dynamics University of Tartu
58 IUT20-34 Meidla, Tõnu The Phanerozoic journey of Baltica: sedimentary, geochemical and biotic signatures of changing environment – PalaeoBaltica University of Tartu
59 IUT20-38 Kalmus, Veronika; Vihalemm, Triin Acceleration of Social and Personal Time in the Information Society: Practices and Effects of Mediated Communication University of Tartu
60 IUT20-39 Berg, Eiki Political Community in Flux: Identity, Sovereignty and Democracy in a Transforming World University of Tartu
61 IUT20-40 Harro, Jaanus Sources of Resilience: Neurobiology and Development of Cognitive and Affective Processes Crucial for Coping Styles University of Tartu
62 IUT20-41 Vasar, Eero IgLON family of cell adhesion molecules as the potential targets for neuropsychiatric disorders University of Tartu
63 IUT20-42 Zilmer, Mihkel Metabolomical and arterial wall phenotyping (systems biology approach-based and functional-structural biomarkers for development of novel diagnostic platforms of chronic diseases) University of Tartu
64 IUT20-43 Uibo, Raivo Immune mechanisms in diabetes University of Tartu
65 IUT20-45 Maron, Eduard Neurobiological, genetic and psychological markers of the treatment response in schizophrenia and mood disorders University of Tartu
66 IUT20-46 Kõks, Sulev Translational studies on bone and muscle pathologies University of Tartu
67 IUT20-49 Varblane, Urmas Structural Change as the Factor of Productivity Growth in the Case of Catching up Economies University of Tartu
68 IUT20-5 Sutrop, Margit Disagreements: Philosophical Analysis University of Tartu
69 IUT20-50 Mälksoo, Lauri The Evolution of Human Rights Law and Discourse in the Russian Federation, and its Interaction with Human Rights in Europe and the World University of Tartu
70 IUT20-55 Dumas, Marlon Data-Driven Management of Software and Business Processes University of Tartu
71 IUT20-56 Kaalep, Heiki-Jaan Computational models for Estonian University of Tartu
72 IUT20-57 Oja, Eve Structural Problems in Analysis, Algebra, and Geometry, with Applications to Numerical Analysis University of Tartu
73 IUT20-58 Jürimäe, Jaak Physical performance and health: adaptational and age-related aspects University of Tartu
74 IUT20-60 Metspalu, Andres Omics for health: an integrated approach to understand and predict human disease University of Tartu
75 IUT20-7 Lang, Valter Estonia in Circum-Baltic space: archaeology of economic, social, and cultural processes University of Tartu
Funded core research facilities 2014
Topic Principal Investigator Title Institution
1 IUT24-6 Parik, Jüri Estonian Centre for Genomics Estonian Biocentre
2 IUT20-52 Ainsaar, Leho Estonian Environmental Observatory University of Tartu
3 IUT20-53 Kõljalg, Urmas Natural History Archives and Information network University of Tartu
4 IUT20-54 Aarik, Jaan Namaterials – research and applications University of Tartu
5 IUT20-62 Lembinen, Liisi Estonian e-resources and collection preservation University of Tartu
6 IUT20-63 Anton, Lauri Estonian Scientific Computing Infrastructure University of Tartu
7 IUT20-64 Plaas, Mario National Centre for Translational and Clinical Research University of Tartu
8 IUT20-65 Vider, Kadri Center of Estonian Language Resources University of Tartu