IUT call 2014

Guidelines for evaluating institutional research funding applications 2014-02-26

Funded institutional research topics 2015
Topic Principal Investigator Title Institution
IUT32-1 Kalm, Mart Readdressing practices and theories of experimentation in the 20th- and 21st-century Estonian visual and spatial culture Estonian Academy of Arts
IUT36-2 Mänd, Marika Sustainable crop protection: harnessing ecosystem services for plant production Estonian University of Life Sciences
IUT35-1 Mihkla, Meelis Speech styles, sentence prosody, phonological variation: description, theory and modelling Institute of Estonian Language
IUT42-1 Golovljova, Irina Zoonotic and hepatotropic pathogens in Estonia: old and new emerging infections and their impact on public health National Institute for Health Development
IUT42-2 Veidebaum, Toomas Familial aggregation, dietary habits and longitudinal changes of risk factors of chronic diseases and determinants of risky health behaviour National Institute for Health Development
IUT39-1 Heinsalu, Els The role of diversity in complex systems National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
IUT31-10 Saar, Ellu Cumulative processes in the interplay of educational path and work career: explaining inequalities in the context of neoliberalization Tallinn University
IUT31-6 Brüggemann, Karsten A Transnational Setting for Estonian History: Transcultural Entanglements, International Organisations and Transborder Migrations (16th – 21st Centuries) Tallinn University
IUT33-13 Uustalu, Tarmo Methods, tools and processes for software with strong guarantees Tallinn University of Technology
IUT33-19 Trikkel, Andres Fundamentals of multicomponent mineral-organic systems: Chemistry, modeling and sustainable processing Tallinn University of Technology
IUT33-20 Vaher, Merike Advancing analytical and computational chemistry methods for regulatory decisions Tallinn University of Technology
IUT33-24 Salupere, Andrus Wave propagation in complex media and applications Tallinn University of Technology
IUT33-3 Soomere, Tarmo Wave dynamics for coastal engineering and management Tallinn University of Technology
IUT33-7 Vendelin, Marko Relationships between microstructure, energy transfer, and performance in heart Tallinn University of Technology
IUT33-9 Kruusmaa, Maarja Bio-inspired underwater robots Tallinn University of Technology
IUT40-1 Kolka, Indrek Variability and evolution of massive stars in the Gaia era Tartu Observatory
IUT40-2 Tempel, Elmo The role of dark matter filaments in large-scale structure and assembly of galaxies Tartu Observatory
IUT34-11 Remm, Maido Methods for faster and more reliable analysis of genome sequences University of Tartu
IUT34-12 Laan, Maris Genetic and molecular determinants in human reproductive success University of Tartu
IUT34-14 Maran, Uko Descriptive and predictive modelling and design in elucidating chemico-biological interactions and assessing chemical safety University of Tartu
IUT34-16 Karro, Helle Basic and translational approaches for female reproductive medicine: continuum from oocyte maturation to delivery University of Tartu
IUT34-17 Uusküla, Anneli Health research in a continuum of the evidence based health practice in Estonia University of Tartu
IUT34-18 Heinämäki, Jyrki Tapio Multifunctional nanomedicines – design and quality assessment University of Tartu
IUT34-19 Mändar, Reet Modulating the disturbances in human microbial ecology in different health conditions University of Tartu
IUT34-24 Lutsar, Irja Management of infections in the immunocompromised host – from bench to bedside University of Tartu
IUT34-27 Jaaniso, Raivo Photoinduced processes for advancement of gas sensing materials University of Tartu
IUT34-30 Pild, Lea Ideology of Translation and Translation of Ideology: Mechanisms of Cultural Dynamics under the Russian Empire and Soviet Power in Estonia in the 19th – 20th Centuries University of Tartu
IUT34-32 Kuutma, Kristin Cultural heritage as a socio-cultural resource and contested field University of Tartu
IUT34-4 Vilo, Jaak Data Science Methods and Applications (DSMA) University of Tartu
IUT34-5 Lember, Jüri Mathematical statistics: theory and applications University of Tartu
IUT34-6 Pedaste, Margus Smart technologies and digital literacy in promoting a change of learning University of Tartu
IUT34-7 Lõhmus, Asko Novel ecosystems and ecological restoration in the context of sustainable management University of Tartu
IUT34-8 Hõrak, Peeter Explaining mechanisms and functions of individual covariation of behaviour, signal traits and immunity in the context of the pace-of-life-syndrome University of Tartu
IUT34-9 Sellin, Arne Forest ecosystem acclimation to increasing atmospheric humidity and interacting environmental drivers University of Tartu