The call for grant applications is open now

The call for postdoctoral, starting, and team grant applications in 2021 was opened on 1 March and will be closed at 17:00 (Estonian time) on 31 March. The applications can  be submitted via the Estonian Research Information System (ETIS).

In this year’s call, approximately 6,2 million euros can be allocated for new grants. This is possible through increased research funding in the state budget (additional 3 million euros in 2020) and the harmonising measures (so-called bridge grants) applied by the Estonian Research Council (ETAG) in past two calls. Without these measures, the funding would be significantly smaller.

Due to the tight budget, limitations for new team grant applications have been set for researchers already participating in ongoing grant projects. Furthermore, additional requirements are to consider when applying for large grants.

Tiit Tammaru, vice-chairman of the Council’s Evaluation Committee said it’s understandable that smaller budget might suggest ongoing issues with research funding. He explained that very few research projects will end in 2021, which means that fewer new grants can be awarded. „However, the total amount of both research funding in general, and grants has actually increased. In 2021, the total amount of ongoing grants funded by the ETAG exceeds 45 million euros,“ Tammaru added.

Preliminary evaluation results will be made known to the applicants in the beginning of November. The final funding decisions will be made in December, after the state budget for 2022 has been confirmed.

The call documents and further relevant information can be found on the website of Estonian Research Council.

Further information:

Siret Rutiku
Head of Department of Research Funding
+372 731 7381/ +372 5342 0639