In contracts under the law of obligations

The Estonian Research Council processes the name, contact data, and, if necessary, financial data of persons with whom a contract for services, an authorisation agreement, employment contract or other contract under the law of obligations has been entered into.

The processing of such data is necessary for entering into a contract and performing contractual obligations.

The Estonian Research Council uses a public document register, thus, the data on contracts (contract number, title, date) can be viewed publicly. Access to contracts entered into with private persons is restricted and such documents are not published in the document register. If someone wishes to examine a document and submits a request for information, the contents of the contract are reviewed and a decision is made on whether the document can be released partly or fully. A contract to be released shall not include personal contact data, such as an e-mail address or telephone number (except if it is a representative of a legal person or institution).

Documents with restricted access are released only to those institutions and persons with a direct right arising from law to request them (e.g., a body conducting pre-trial procedures or a court).

As a rule, the Estonian Research Council stores contracts for 10 years after the expiry or termination thereof. Contracts related to the use of resources from the European Regional Development Fund are an exception. More specific storage terms are available in the list of documents as approved by the Estonian Research Council’s directive .