Upon responding to a request for explanation and information or in other correspondence

If a person addresses the Estonian Research Council with a request for explanation or information, the Estonian Research Council needs the person’s contact data and name in order to respond. The basis for processing such data arises from the Public Information Act and the Response to Memoranda and Requests for Explanations and Submission of Collective Addresses Act.

The legal basis for processing personal data during correspondence arises from the Estonian Research Council’s legitimate interest (e.g., when feedback is requested) or the performance of a contract in cases when the correspondence is related to a contract.

Personal data is used for responding to inquiries. If this requires making inquiries from third parties, personal data is disclosed in a minimal, indispensable extent.

If a person has submitted a request for explanation, information or a memorandum to the Estonian Research Council, responding to which is within the competence of another institution, the Estonian Research Council forwards the document to the correct address and notifies the respective person thereof.

The Estonian Research Council uses a public document register, thus, data on correspondence can be viewed publicly. Access to correspondence with private persons is restricted and such letters are not published in the document register. If someone wishes to examine a document and submits a request for information, the contents of the correspondence are reviewed and a decision is made on whether the document can be released partly or fully. The document to be released shall not include personal contact data, such as an e-mail or postal address or telephone number (except if the correspondence relates to a representative of a legal person or institution).

Documents with restricted access are issued only to those institutions and persons with a direct right arising from law to request them (e.g., a body conducting pre-trial procedures or a court).

As a rule, the Estonian Research Council stores correspondence for 5 years. More specific storage periods are available in the list of documents approved by the Estonian Research Council’s directive .