Upon providing grants from programmes Mobilitas Pluss, RITA, ResTA and TeaMe+ and other funding

In processing the applications and offers of the programmes Mobilitas Pluss (mobility and co-operation funding), RITA (research offers, applications, scientific councillors), ResTA (support for R&D activities of resource valorisation) and TeaMe+ (science communication), the Estonian Research Council processes the name, contact data, data on education and training courses, and, if necessary, the financial and employment data of a person, depending on the application.

The processing of the data referred to above is conducted for performing an obligation arising from law (implementation of programmes) and performing a task in the public interest, also, when a contract is entered into in relation to the application, the processing is necessary for entering into and performing the contract. The processing of contact data in reviewing feedback related to the implementation of programmes is based on the Estonian Research Council’s legitimate interest. The names of the persons whose applications are accepted will be made public.

As a rule, data related to RITA is stored until 31 December 2027, TeaMe+ until 31 December 2033, ResTA until 31 December 2028 and Mobilitas Pluss until 31 December 2032. More specific storage terms are available in the list of documents as approved by the Estonian Research Council’s directive .