In organising science communication competitions and contests as well as providing grants and support

In organising competitions (national student research competitions and competitions for pedagogical research projects, national contest for young inventors, the Estonian Science Communication Award) and providing grants and support (science communication project competitions, young scientists’ scholarship), a person’s name, contact data, document data, and, if relevant, financial data are processed.

The processing of the data referred to above is conducted for performing an obligation arising from law and performing a task in the public interest, also, when a contract is entered into in relation to the activity, processing is necessary for entering into and performing the contract. The processing of contact data in reviewing feedback is based on the Estonian Research Council’s legitimate interest. The names of the persons who receive an award in a competition or are granted a science communication award are published.

As a rule, the data processed in organising competitions is stored for 7 years, awarded works are stored permanently. More specific storage terms are available in the list of documents as approved by the Estonian Research Council’s directive .