In the process of international research cooperation

In organising international research cooperation and in providing various grants and support (e.g., bilateral cooperation, Joint Baltic Sea Research and Development Programme Bonus, the Norwegian-Estonian Research Cooperation Programme, partnerships), the Estonian Research Council may process the name of a person involved in application, evaluation, projects, or any other relevant activity. If it is necessary for achieving the purpose of the processing, their contact data, data on education and training, employment data, and/or financial data may also be processed.

The organisation of international research cooperation is the Estonian Research Council’s obligation arising from law and a task in the public interest. Also, when a contract related to international research cooperation is entered into, processing is necessary for entering into and performing the contract. The processing of contact data in collecting and reviewing feedback about the Research Council’s activities is based on the Research Council’s legitimate interest.

Personal data that is necessary for the mediation of partner searches related to the Framework Program, COST and other calls shall be processed based on the consent by the person who has requested the partner search mediation. The data shall be disseminated using, inter alia, mailing lists of National Contact Points (NCPs) and relevant social media groups. The information contained in the partner search form will be used to make similar offers or send relevant information in the future.

As a rule, data is stored for 5 years after the expiry of a project. More specific storage terms are available in the list of documents as approved by the Estonian Research Council’s directive.