Health promotion research programme TerVE

Health promotion research programme TerVE

The TerVE programme mainly concentrates on activities that are important for advancing the national health care system, including the quality of health information. The programme is designed to raise health consciousness among Estonians and to sustainably improve the nation’s health indicators on the basis of the best science-based knowledge. Attention is focused on investigating and analysing the factors that shape peoples’ negative and positive regional health behaviour. The important objectives of the programme include making the evaluation of the impacts of environmental risk factors to health more effective, developing opportunities to collect and use health information and evaluating health technologies. In the course of the programme, a long-term development plan will also be devised to guarantee the continuity of health research and development activities and their funding sustainability.

The TerVE programme is mainly aimed at institutions of higher education and research institutions. Partners of the programme include the Estonian University of Life Sciences, the Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics, Protobios OÜ, Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University, the National Institute for Health Development and the Competence Centre for Cancer Research. The quality of research was taken into account when choosing partners; all the positively evolved research institutions of this field are included. In case of financed activities, high research quality of the activities has to be insured as a general condition, but the innovativeness and applicability of the project as well as intensive cooperation between the partners are also important criteria.

The expected results upon realizing the TerVE programme include an increased efficiency of Estonian health care research and development activities, an upsurge in the impact of health sciences on peoples’ health and an improved health consciousness.

The TerVE programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund resources (5,195,389.50 euros); along with state- and self-funding, the overall budget of the programme amounts to 5,485,205.00 euros. The TerVE programme is implemented by the Estonian Research Council.

Health promotion research programme TerVE

National health care programme

The Estonian health care programme is a part of the implementation plan of the Estonian research and development and innovation strategy “Knowledge-based Estonia 2007-2013”, serving as its health care related national research and development programme. The programme is implemented between 2011 and 2015.

The Estonian health care programme comprises various sub-measures, which are closely connected to one other with regard to topics:

  1. Health care related sub-measures in the administration of the Ministry of Education and Research:
  1. Horizontal sub-measures in the administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, which, among other things, support health care research and development activities (funding research and development projects, measure for employing development staff, export and marketing measures, programme for developing knowledge and skills).

Study supporting the national health care research and development programme