Results of the 2022 Call

New grant projects funded in the 2022 call:

Team projects

Principal Investigator Project Title Institution
Tambet Teesalu Precision targeting of infiltrative glioblastoma University of Tartu
Taavi Lehto Developing Drug Delivery Technologies And RNA-based Drugs For Therapeutic Intervention University of Tartu
Janika Kõrv Clinical, Molecular and Genetic Profiling of Young-Onset Ischemic Stroke University of Tartu
Jyrki Tapio Heinämäki Multifunctional Composites of Nanofiber-Based 3D Bioprinted Constructs for Bone Tissue Engineering University of Tartu
Kaia Palm Characterization of immunological correlates and mechanisms of neurological disorders Protobios LLC
Pilvi Ilves Pediatric Stroke: Risk Factors, Neurodevelopmental Outcome and Quality of Life: Prognostic Factors for Outcome, Including Brain Plasticity University of Tartu
Heiki Valk Estonia in 1100–1400:  native society, traditions and culture in the time of changes University of Tartu
Jelena Kallas Expanding the scope of a multi-purpose lexicographic resource to grammar and L2 competence Institute of the Estonian Language
Kristi Viiding Connections, transition, change: nobilitas haereditaria ac litteraria in the emergence of early modern literature in Polish and Swedish Livonia Under and Tuglas Literature Centre
Andreas Ventsel Relational Approach of Strategic History Narratives University of Tartu
Jaak Vilo Discovery and Analysis of Clinical Pathways in Health Data University of Tartu
Peeter Laud Distributed Identity, Distributed Trust Cybernetica AS
Rainis Haller Plasticity and extremal geometric structure of the unit ball of Banach spaces with applications to the study of Lipschitz spaces, vector-valued functions spaces and tensor products University of Tartu
Enrico Nardi Towards a joint solution to distinct theoretical puzzles: the axion-flavor connection National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Raivo Stern Emerging Phases in Quantum Magnets (EPiQuM) National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Ago Samoson H-NMR in solid state and complementary applications Tallinn University of Technology
Agnes Kütt Naked Azanide as an Aminating Agent and a Superbase University of Tartu
Rando Tuvikene Polysaccharide Based Biomaterials: Synergistic Combinations and Enhanced Functionalities Tallinn University
Velle Toll Natural Experiments to Constrain Anthropogenic Aerosol Forcing of Earth’s Climate University of Tartu
Evelyn Uuemaa Creating Water-Smart Landscapes University of Tartu
Mark McCarthy How important is internal nitrogen loading in driving eutrophication and cyanobacteria blooms in Estonian lakes? Estonian University of Life Sciences
Olle Hints From Greenhouse to Icehouse: Reconstructing Ordovician Climate Transitions and Biotic Responses in Baltica Tallinn University of Technology
Reedik Mägi Novel Method for Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes Risk Prediction and its Validation in Estonian and UK Biobanks University of Tartu
Tiina Tamm Regulation of Viral IRES-Mediated Translation University of Tartu
Mait Metspalu New Horizons of Ancient Biomolecules Research to Study Human Evolution, Disease and Society in the Stone Age University of Tartu
Kadri Koorem Biotic novelty of plant communities as an indicator of the diversity of plant-associated organisms University of Tartu
Maarja Öpik Soil FUNgi in the FARMing landscapes (FUNFARM) University of Tartu
Evelin Loit-Harro Yield and quality stability and sustainability in long-term cropping systems Estonian University of Life Sciences
Tsipe Aavik Resilience of Plant-pollinator Interactions in Agroecosystems: Spatio-temporal Effects of Land Use Change University of Tartu
Tiia Tulviste How Do Changes in the Digital and Language Environment at Home During COVID-19 Lockdown Affect Child Development and Wellbeing? University of Tartu
Kadri Koreinik The Promise of Proximity to Quality: Spatial Strategies to Address Geographic Distances and Linguistic Differences in Secondary Schools University of Tartu
Eiki Berg Exploring Dynamics of “Frozen Conflicts” through Actor-based Interactions University of Tartu
Kadri Leetmaa Rethinking smartification from the margins: Co-creating Smart Rurality with and for an Aging Population University of Tartu
Kristjan Tabri Dynamic response of offshore structures Tallinn University of Technology
Artu Ellmann Development of continuous DYNAmic vertical REFerence for maritime and offshore engineering by applying machine learning strategies /DYNAREF/ Tallinn University of Technology
Ants Kallaste Additivly Manufactured Electrical Machines Tallinn University of Technology
Oliver Järvik Sustainable and Effective Materials for Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage Based on Amine Ionic Liquids Tallinn University of Technology
Taavi Raadik Next Generation Microcrystalline Pyrite Solar Cell for Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Applications Tallinn University of Technology
Andres Trikkel Phosphorus Fertilisers and Rare Metals from Estonian Phosphorite in a Waste-Free Way Tallinn University of Technology


Starting projects

Principal Investigator Project Title Institution
Brigitta Davidjants Impact of subcultural (pop) music on the ideologization of 21st-century Estonian youth and on youth mental health Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
Taavi Tillmann Integrating Big Health and Social Data, to Understand and Reduce Health Inequalities (BIG-HEART) University of Tartu
Arvo Kaldmäe Development of Disturbance Estimation Techniques for Nonlinear Control Systems Tallinn University of Technology
Joosep Pata Flexible and scalable data reconstruction and analysis using machine learning National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Hardi Veermäe Physics of primordial black holes from formation to the present National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Maksim Ošeka Development of New Asymmetric Electrochemical Methods in Continuous-Flow Tallinn University of Technology
Alexander Kmoch Framework for Spatial Predictive Modelling of Soil Properties Using Machine Learning University of Tartu
Martin Laasmaa The Role of Calcium Signaling Between Mitochondria and Sarcoplasmic Reticulum During Postnatal Development and in Disease in the Heart Tallinn University of Technology
Kadri Runnel Understanding and harnessing dead wood decomposition rates for forest carbon storage University of Tartu
Kristiina Mark Ecology, evolution and adaptation of secondary metabolites in terrestrial algae-mediated biofilms and lichens Estonian University of Life Sciences
Lilian Pukk Using environmental DNA and population genetics to understand the distribution and ecology of dangerous fish parasite and its invertebrate host Estonian University of Life Sciences
Riinu Kiiker Evolution and fitness penalties of fungicide-resistant Zymoseptoria tritici population in Estonia The Centre of Estonian Rural Research and Knowledge
Liisa Talving Affective Politicisation: How Parties Cultivate the Globalisation Divide University of Tartu
Mari-Liis Jakobson Breaking Into the Mainstream While Remaining Radical: Sidestreaming Strategies on the Populist Radical Right Tallinn University
Tara Ghasempouri Cross-level hardware security verification with semi-formal methods Tallinn University of Technology
Jana Holmar Development of New Optical Methods to Estimate Vascular Calcification and Monitor Inhibitors Removal During Dialysis in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease (VasCalDi) Tallinn University of Technology
Svetlana Polivtseva Filter materials for turning urine into drinkable water Tallinn University of Technology
Marje Kasari Plasmid-on-Demand Platform for Antibitoic-Free Production of Recombinant Proteins University of Tartu


Postdoctoral projects

Principal Investigator Project Title Institution
Marek Mooste Pt-free Catalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in High Temperature PEM Fuel Cells University of Tartu
Kaire Loit Role of viruses in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) and associated pathogenic and mutualistic fungi – novel solutions for biocontrol of potato diseases Estonian University of Life Sciences
Alessandra Morrone The Baltic Kindergarten: Non-adult health and diet in medieval and early modern Estonia through Paleopathology and Stable Isotope Analysis University of Tartu
Kadri Seppa The Role of RNA-recognition Motif of NELFE in Brain Physiology University of Tartu
Mahboob Alam Understanding bimetallic MNC catalysts structure-selectivity relationships in CO2 reduction using Mössbauer spectroscopy Tallinn University of Technology
Martin Kolnes Neural Gain Modulation of the Breadth of Attention University of Tartu
Keiu Telve Transnationality online – the role of virtual engagement with country of origin among Estonians in Australia University of Tartu
Ajai Kumar Pathak Understanding local-scale evolutionary history of South Asia and its impact on genetic relatedness, dietary adaptations and disease University of Tartu
Nikhil Kumar Kamboj Bio-mimetic selective laser sintered immunomodulatory antibiotic-free bioactive inorganic scaffolds for bone tissue engineering Tallinn University of Technology