Call 2023

The 2023 call for grant applications (postdoctoral, starting and team grant) is closed.

The call was opened in ETIS from 1 March to 17:00 (Estonian time) on 31 March. In total, 335 applications have been submitted.

Statistical overview

The English webinar (starting and team grants) took place on 7 March. You can find the recorded presentation here and the slideshow here.


NB! The information will be updated


NB! The application is submitted only after the institution has confirmed it via ETIS.

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List of Expert Panels. Postdoctoral grant applications are evaluated by a separate expert panel consisting of Estonian experts.

Frequently asked questions about grant applications: call 2023

Guidelines for Completing Your Ethics Self-Assessment for Grant Application

The recommended form for the data management plan

Guidelines regarding bibliometric background information



Checklists for grant applications

Checklist for postdoctoral grant applications

Checklist for starting grant applications

Checklist for team grant applications




Starting and team grants
Research Funding Officers:
Ade Kallas-Kivi, Medical and Health Sciences, Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences

Elli Marie Tragel, Humanities and the Arts

Eveli Laats, Social Sciences

Merle Mandel, Biological and Environmental Sciences

Raili Torga, Exact Sciences

Katriin Pirk, Engineering and Technology


Postdoctoral research grants
Margus Harak
Senior Adviser (Mobilitas 3.0 programme, repatriating, postdocs)
Tel +372 731 7343
Mob +372 511 0332