Invitation to the student competition “Resistances to Gender Equality”

Estonian Research Council invites all university students (Bachelor, Masters and PhD level) to participate in a competition on the theme of “Resistances to Gender Equality”. The competition is held by the GEARING Roles project consortium.

Five winners will be picked for two prizes: The Research Prize and Creative Prize. For the Research Prize, submit a short research paper (maximum 1,000 words) on the topic of resistances against gender equality. A winner will be selected from three different categories: a Bachelor, Masters and PhD paper. For the Creative Prize GEARING Roles will select a winner from two categories: videos (max length 2 minutes) and cartoons/illustrations, both of which must show how to counter resistances togender equality with humour.

Entries do not need to be artistically perfect as it is the ideas and innovation behind the submission that the judges will look out for. Essays must be submitted in English, but please state if this is not your first language and consideration will be given to this fact in the judging. These two categories will be judged by a panel of experts from the GEARING Roles project.

The competitions’ winners will get an all expenses paid trip to Tartu, Estonia to attend the GEARING Roles conference (taking place in spring 2022) and present their work. Winners will also be given GEARING Roles merchandise and will have the opportunity to build on their work and improve it with the help of experts and consultants.

The deadline is 31 October 2021, and the winners will be announced 15 November 2021.

More information on the GEARING Roles website:

Further information:

Loone Vilumaa
R&D Analyst
Estonian Research Council