NordForsk Call for the Programme for the „Green Transition“ is Now Open

The programme for „Green Transition“ is now issuing a call for proposals for research projects.

The three subtopics are opened in the call:

  1. Energy Efficiency in the Food Systems for a Green Transition
  2. Climate and Gender Perspectives
  3. Democratic Engagement and Citizen-Involvement in Green Transition

The total available budget is approx. 11,8 million euros and the call deadline is 5 December 2023.

The call for researcher projects on the Green Transition was realised via a Nordic-Baltic collaboration between the following research funding agencies:

Innovation Fund Denmark, Research Council of Finland, Research Council of Norway, Swedish Energy Agency, Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (Formas), Icelandic Centre for Research (Rannís), Estonian Research Council, Ministry of Regional Affairs and Agriculture, Research Council of Lithuania, Nordic Energy Research, Nordic Council of Ministers and NordForsk.

Estonian participants are financed by ETAG of 100,000 euros (project partner) or 150,000 euros (coordinator), and the Ministry of Regional Affairs and Agriculture 100,000 euros per project.

PS! Estonian participants can request funding for the first subtopic (Energy Efficiency in the Food Systems for a Green Transition). In the last two subtopics, Estonian partners can only participate with own financing.

Private-for-profit organisations are urged to contact the national contact point before submitting the proposal: Katrin Saar (

Call info and guidelines on NordForsk web page:

Applications must be submitted via NordForsk Application Portal:*tn9lws*_ga*MTA0MTU3MDA5My4xNjkzOTgzNTQ0*_ga_Y9WRJ6TMM6*MTY5Mzk4MzU0NC4xLjEuMTY5Mzk4NDY4MC4wLjAuMA..#call/3085/details

More info about the NordForsk programme:


Call Contact in ETAG:
Katrin Saar (

Call Contact in Estonian Ministry of Regional Affairs and Agriculture:Argo Peepson (