Documents and Results

Call for applications 2022

Returning researcher Project Title Host institution
Este Leidmaa Endocannabinoid system as a possible modulator of psychiatric effects of the adhesion molecule Negr1 University of Tartu
Irina Osadchuk Basic Principles of Induction of ECD Spectra by the Example of Solvated Zinc-Porphyrin Complexes Tallinn University of Technology
Mari-Klara Stein Work worth doing? Value of platform work in Estonia (Project acronym: WWD-E) Tallinn University of Technology
Monika Mortimer Application of biocompatible nano-metal organic frameworks (nanoMOFs) in reducing the toxicity of metal nanomaterials National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Pavel Kudrin How do RNA modifications affect X-chromosome inactivation University of Tartu
Petar Dimitrov Kehayov Exploring deep clausal embeddings in Finno-Ugric University of Tartu
Sten Hansson Emergent policy communication practices: New tools for discourse-historical analysis University of Tartu
Taavi Tillmann Integrating big health and social data to understand and reduce health inequalities (BIG-HEART) University of Tartu
Tarmo Toom Patristic Introductions (introductiones) to the Bible and Its Interpretation University of Tartu
Tuule Grolig The effect of planning-related characteristics on cues to true and false intentions University of Tartu
Ülo Reimaa Cocategorical aspects of algebra and computer science University of Tartu

Call for applications 2021

Returning researcher Project Title Host institution
Age Poom Exposure to greenery and noise in active travel environments: opportunities for making cities pleasant, healthy and sustainable University of Tartu
Ergo Pikas Utilizing Construction Project Digital Twins in the Timber-Based Industrialized Reconstruction Projects Tallinn University of Technology
Hedvig Tamman The role of stringent response alarmone ppGpp in phage-resistance of Pseudomonas putida University of Tartu
Maarja Laos Molecular mechanisms underlying impaired antiviral cytotoxic T cell responses in old age University of Tartu
Mari-Liis Madisson A Semiotic approach to e-threat discourse: Analysis of Estonian media University of Tartu
Marta Berholts Photofragmentation of iodinated nitroimidazoles: search for better radiosensitizers University of Tartu
Silver Sepp Improving energy density of redox flow batteries with optimized solid boosters University of Tartu
Svetlana Polivtseva Thermal ion-exchange-derived materials for photocatalysis and solar energy harvesting Tallinn University of Technology
Taavi Repän Inverse design methods for integrating nanophotonic structures with gas sensors University of Tartu
Uku Tooming Continuities and discontinuities in desires and values University of Tartu